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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday girl says "Wait one more day... please?"

I abuse this image far more then a should X3

Okay, here's the gist.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna go on hiatus. This is just a schedule update for this week.

I did a lot of writing last week. But the weekend was my big editing time. So what happened? I got sick. I got so sick my brain felt like a blown up water balloon. Oh, I'm fine now. But the articles were extremely slowed need a bit more time before they are. And I have work in the morning. It is also my birthday.

So I'm gonna save the new stuff for Thursday, and also extend the SUPER SEPTEMBER Month into October.

This month has been awesome. I've done so much work regarding the site and I love every single piece of feedback I've been getting here and at all my other posting sites. (Holy crud, over 200 views in the past month. That is awesome. And you guys are freaking awesome.) However, I obviously took on too much at once, hoping to put out more then one article a week, and only doing one. Which was pretty good, actually. Each one, including the ones on the way, have been longer then I thought I would make them and... frankly, I think i've surprised myself quiet a bit this month, especially with my writing and view points.

So, enough of me blabbing. I'm off to sleep, work and then have sushi and ice cream... Wait.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSM: Ways to help Wonder Woman: DC edition

Ways to help Wonder Woman: DC edition
My Lasso. Now.

So, after my last WW rant about the Wondy’s pants debate, and all the great feedback I got, I figure I should continue it with something... a little less ranty.

Now, I talk a lot about ways that WW keeps getting screwed around or how awesome she actually is. But I haven’t really talked much about ways to keep her from being screwed around or show how awesome she is.

And I also don’t want you guys to get the impression that I think DC always screws up Wonder Woman, or that she gets screwed over more then any other hero. There has been some great Wondy stories. The All New Wonder Woman, for the most part, was really good. Her time during the Blackest Night event was great and had a lot of respect for the character, Brave and the Bold is friggin awesome and Gail Simone dug Wondy out of one of a...a... I can’t think of a nerdy metaphor for “deep hole”. If anything, Hal Jordan has been put through a lot worse (See- Parallax)

But even now, DC is still making the same mistakes with her. Maybe because her books continue to not have good sales (last time I checked) And now that the reboot is here, to say I'm worried is... an understatement (Why does she get only one comic and Batman show up in like, 5 during the first month?!)

So here are a few ideas on how DC can help give the Amazon Princess a hand. Later on, there will be a fans edition! And a little disclaimer: Most of this information is based mostly on my own experience--- what I see in the bad comics and the good, and partly on my research of the character. And it can be applied to most of the super heroes out there.

List after the jump!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I was organizing my articles and realized that a lot of my articles this month are superhero based. So lets make it a theme! I'm even dressed up for the occasion! ...And it’s my birthday at the end of the month, so there. 

Also, I do have some things planned for october (depening on wiether or not I get a certain windows 95 computer working). But after September, the sites will be slowing down to a few more regualr updates. More like once a week instead of 1 ever copule of days. And my portfolio will have more regualr updates. This is because i’m trying to decote more time to working on my webcomic.

So here are the articles I have PLANNED in no particular order. Key word here. It always depends on my work schedule:

Ways to help Out Wonder Woman: Part 1 involves DC and Part 2 involves the fans
All new Wonder Woman Retrospective, followed by a review of the whole series.
A look into a superhero costumes, both comics, tv shows and movies
Review of the Green Lantern movie on dvd
Con report (at last)
Canadian Comics
Ways to Advertise Comics (without reboots)
The start of my Monthly Comic reviews at the end of the month that include all the DC reboot comics I’ve been buying.
My birthday list--- er, I mean “Comic Recommendations” (Not all will be super heros)

In a few hours will be the first on the list: Ways to Help out Wonder Woman-- DC edition.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

Edit: Sorry, the article will be up tomorrow morning. I've got work tomorrow and this article is taking longer to edit then I imagined. Night everybody!

Edit again: Aaaand now I have to say it's going to come in the evening. Because I ended up tossing and turning the entire night and couldn't get to sleep until some time after 5:00 am. So now I had to use all my extra hours this morning to sleep in so I'm not a complete zombie at work... sigh. Oh, well, these things happen. I'm not going to whine about it this time. Oh, but any one who asks why I didn't just work on this last night instead of tossing and turning gets a good stick in the eye.

... sorry, that's the insomnia talking... I think

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wonder Woman Pilot Sucks but I'm Laughing!

Well, I said i would get to this eventually. Now that I've finally talked about the reboot, I finally watched the leaked pilot for the Wonder Woman TV show. And it sucks. A lot. So you're probably expecting me to review it, huh?

Well, I don't have to. All I have to do is send you to this link where Rob Brickan talks about everything wrong with the pilot. Thank God for Topless Robot! And I don't have to say a thing because I agree with everything single word he says :D! And that, after watching that piece of crud, is a major pick-me-up.

I am so sick of talking about how people keep screwing Wondy over and frankly, this thing is not worth it. It's canceled anyway :D! I didn't even both posting an image for it. That's right. My One Moment In Time Review and My Transformers 3 Review got more attention then this and they were ten times worse!

Good night and sweet dreams everybody! Woo Woo!

 Tegan Dumpleton