Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Review Garden: The Dreaded Transformers 3 review

Slag. Slag. SLAG.

So obviously this is not the DC reboot article i promised. No, it's not finished. I'll just say it: I'm bloody exhausted right now. (so much that i just published this without adding the picture. Wow.)

It's been a long couple of days at work and there's still another couple of days before my day off. Can't be helped. I got more hours then usual this week and it's School season, so I'm working with alot of hyperactive kids (not a complaint. I love my job). So, the con report and the DC reboot will be later. Hopefully one of them tomorrow--- the day of the reboot starts----and probably the other some time this week. As long as I'm, y'know, able to move.

But, instead of leaving you high and dry, I'm posting an already finished article. And what better to end this incredibly busy and stressful month with a much needed nerd rant.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my Transformers 3 review.

Heads up: There are spoilers, F-bombs...And I think I started channeling the Spoony One.