Thursday, October 24, 2013

Going West! Top 5 Western Comics

*thick cowboy accent* Welcome to the SketchLog, y'all! I'm SlugLady28 and today, I'm looking at one of my favorite genre's, the oooooolllld weeeeest! So Saddle up and Yeepee ki yaa—cough! Hack! Cough! *end of terrible accent*
Ugh, note to self. Do not try that again.
Gunslingers, Saloons, and lassos! Black Hats vs White hats! showdowns at sundown & train robberies! Lone Rangers, Men with No Names! I flippen love westerns! (Even if some of the stuff in them are complete embellishments created by western shows, dime novels and popular movies... What?)
So here's my question...
Why aren't westerns more popular?
Oh, sure, I've heard the typical reasons: The spaceman went up and the cowboy died. And the only people who like westerns these days are old people.
Ya, I don't buy it. People still like westerns. You can see it in modern television. Anyone that grew up with north American TV knows cowboy stories. Whether it was an homage, reference, parody or inspiration, just about every American cartoon has at least one old west episode.

 Most notably in those famous stand offs between the hero and the villain. Westerns are something we've all grown up with, even if we may not have realized it.

Beast Wars: Coming of the Fuzor's Part 2
Maybe Hollywood just hasn't figured out the right formula for a modern day western. Or maybe it's just not time yet. At this moment there are really aren't a lot of good modern day Westerns. And thanks to the absolute critical and financial failure of the Lone Ranger, it would take something AMAZING to start a Western fad right now.
Luckily, my area is comics and even if they aren't many movies, I've still have plenty of awesome Old West comics to feed my addiction. I've already talked and talked about All Star Western, the horror-themed-buddy-cop-Western with Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham, from DC comics, but what else is out there? Well today, I'm going to talk about my top five western comics!... Besides the one I just mentioned.

Warning: Some of these books are filled with gore and nudity, so NOT FOR KIDS!!