Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSM: Ways to help Wonder Woman: DC edition

Ways to help Wonder Woman: DC edition
My Lasso. Now.

So, after my last WW rant about the Wondy’s pants debate, and all the great feedback I got, I figure I should continue it with something... a little less ranty.

Now, I talk a lot about ways that WW keeps getting screwed around or how awesome she actually is. But I haven’t really talked much about ways to keep her from being screwed around or show how awesome she is.

And I also don’t want you guys to get the impression that I think DC always screws up Wonder Woman, or that she gets screwed over more then any other hero. There has been some great Wondy stories. The All New Wonder Woman, for the most part, was really good. Her time during the Blackest Night event was great and had a lot of respect for the character, Brave and the Bold is friggin awesome and Gail Simone dug Wondy out of one of a...a... I can’t think of a nerdy metaphor for “deep hole”. If anything, Hal Jordan has been put through a lot worse (See- Parallax)

But even now, DC is still making the same mistakes with her. Maybe because her books continue to not have good sales (last time I checked) And now that the reboot is here, to say I'm worried is... an understatement (Why does she get only one comic and Batman show up in like, 5 during the first month?!)

So here are a few ideas on how DC can help give the Amazon Princess a hand. Later on, there will be a fans edition! And a little disclaimer: Most of this information is based mostly on my own experience--- what I see in the bad comics and the good, and partly on my research of the character. And it can be applied to most of the super heroes out there.

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