Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Review Garden: Tops of 2010

Okay! Time for the first official review on the site!

... 'kay, so this is technically a repost of a review from a few months ago b-b-but!— I have a good reason for it!

For those that don't remember this, these are my tops of 2010. Unfortunately, I was extremely sick and heavily medicated at the time so... ya. Several things didn't really have much to say, including one section that was literally half written without even realizing it. So I cleaned it up, added some details and some pretty pictures.

Plus, this will give all you newcomers a good idea about who I am and what I like.

Also, some of the things here are not suitable for children. I talk about things that have blood, gore, swearing and sexual content. Anything with links that are Mature or not suitable for children have been marked in red.

Also it doesn’t matter when they were put out. The point is that I saw, listened to or read them that year.