Friday, February 18, 2011

Michael Bay, What is this hold you have over me?

Ba weep gra na weep nini bong, readers. And if you got that reference, then you may understand my pain. The pain of the Transfan.

Okay, backstory: I love transformers. I even loved the first Michael Bay movie. And yes, I also liked the second. I actually posted a review of the second transformers movie on DA, where I gave it a 7/10. Thats right. 7. Out. Of 10. Why? I could plead insanity, but it came down to that, the things I liked outweighed the bad for me. It was fun, filled with lots of action and a lot of nostalgia and I left the theater smiling. You can check it out here: I'm such a plug monster...

That doesn't mean that I didn't hate the racism (even if I see it as accidental), Megan fox, the crotch jokes-- Oh my gosh the STUPID CROTCH JOKES!--- and the dumb sexualizing of things that did not need sexualizing. To say the least.

And despite liking the second, I was in no way looking forward to the third. The second movie got on my good side by luck. And I could see the direction the movies were going. I am still saying now that the third movie is going to be hated even more then the second.

I watched the first teaser, and indeed, I did face palm.

Some time later, I watched the first trailer.

I smiled.


Nothing was told to us in the trailer. It was nothing but slow motion flashes of robots fighting, characters and explosions. Y'know, everything that was in EVERY OTHER TRAILER FOR THE FIRST 2 MOVIES?!

What is it with me? Is there actually a part of my brain that is so filled with testosterone that I become a stereotypical macho guy every time I see explosions and robots? (Apologies to stereotypical macho guys everywhere)

Its official. The movie is going to come out. It's going to be horrible. And I am going to love every moment of it. Because Michael Bay apparently owns a piece of my brain.