Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wonder Woman: The TV show

Wonder Slug, Away!

I am a huge WW fan. So to this, I will say:



All right, so it's just a pilot, but it's more then she's gotten in a long time, seeing as the last time WW got her own TV series, it was the 70s. And yes, that's including animated TV shows as well.

I was nervous at first. Wondy has not had the greatest luck with writers. In fact, the last couple of decades have had more then a few tragic moments *cough*AmazonsAttack*cough*.

But the more I hear, the more excited I get. I mean, the writing team has the guys who worked on Boston Legal and Supernatural. Which means we have someone that can successfully write moments that involve magic and can write believable and intelligent characters. I'll admit, I was also nervous when I heard that she was going to be a company executive. Yes, that's right.

But when the early script was leaked, I heard that the part was written well for her. And when I think about it, it makes sense. As Diana Prince, Wonder Woman never had ritzy glamourous jobs, but ones that made sense for women at the time. Back when she started, her secret identity was a nurse, or a secretary, or a boutique owner, etc. So a modern day business woman makes sense, to me at least. And instead of being set at the beginning, it's gonna be set several years later. And the script has it's issues, (Wonder woman has a pj party with her bff-- wait, what?)  but it's an early script so I'm not too worried.

Also, Wonder Woman has her own version of Baker Street Irregulars. Huh.

The actress has now been picked: Adrianne Palicki. Her look reminds me of Wonder Woman back in the Golden and Silver age. She has the height and she a little muscular. And base on what I'm hearing, she has the acting ability too. I've never seen Friday Night lights, but thankfully, youtube exist and she's pretty good. And Linda Carter, the actress from the original series, vouches for her which is a major plus.

But I doubt worries will be lifted until the costume is revealed and the pilot starts rolling. But if things keep going the way they are, this is gonna be one epic series.

By the way, the information i found on the script was from this articles: Comics Alliance: WW TV Show Pilot Review
And the picture is from this article: Deadline Hollywood: Adrianne Palicki is NBCs WW

By the way-- I'm trying out a multi-color scheme now, tell me what you think ^_^