Monday, April 2, 2012

Clothes Make the Hero (or Villain)-- Theme of the Month(s)

HAHA! Only a true genius would pull an April Fools gag AFTER April Fools is over with! Hahahaha... ha... uh. You're not buying it are you? Eh, at least wasn't attacked by pony's this time. OH WAIT--!

K, back to business. Guess what time it is! Its time for another THEME MONTH! Or months, rather.

Some of you may remember SUPER SEPTEMBER (and October) MONTH, where I talked about or reviewed different... well... super hero related things. And one of the things I didn't get to talk about in detail was Costumes!

Guess what I'm in the mood to do?

So, ya, I'm gonna jump on the "redesign" bandwagon over the next several weeks, redesigning certain Comic book costumes, while talking about certain aspects of costume design. Aesthetics versus functionality, sexism vs "you got it--flaunt it", classic vs. the overly used, etc.

But this time, I'm asking for help! I want your opinions on costumes, what character's costume sticks out in your mind? Good or bad. What do you think makes a memorable costume. Anything you want to say about costumes, I want to here it! Doesnt' have to be specificly Super Hero's or even comics books.

I can't guaranty that I will integrate everything I read into my articles, nor am I gonna promise what characters I'll be redesigning. It's a surprise ;)

Oh, and just to remind you guys, the sight will update every two weeks now, so the first redesign will be sometime between the 9th and 15th (along with the REAL title card)

 Tegan Dumpleton aka Sluglady28