Sunday, March 27, 2011

Important: Schedule and News!

Still have lots a work to do. So. I wrote up a schedule... for the next 6 months...kinda

Monday, March 7, 2011

Slug Trails: Blogs

I'm half tempted to call this "Slug Plugs", but uh... ya...

Plus, i couldn't stop lauging and i already have my image drawn. Oh well.

Anyway, down to buisness: I've noticed that i have a love of throwing out links to all the random places i visit/inhabit. And in the next post I'm plannng, there are going to be ALOT more showing up. I figure i need a links section to keep track of them all. So why not make a big deal out of it by turning it into an actual series!?

... This is totally not going to be a cop-out for when I'm busy with grad/portfolio/day job/homework... Really. It's not.

All the links will be introduced here and then posted on the Links page. I'll be posting more, usually themed, as I continue. And any links that will show up in other posts will be automaticly added to the page

Right now, i'm going to start small and introduce a few of the blogs I go to. Also I can't guarantee that you won't see something at one of these sites that is inapropriate for children I will eventually put up a "safe for kids" but for now, all of these are MATURE RATED:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Writing Desk: Pet Peeves #1: Padding

Okay, I am in no way a writing genius. However, I do know some things about writing and can still give my piece on what makes something good, or at least passable for enjoyable stories. And to start this off, lets look at one of my biggest writing pet peeves: Padding.