Sunday, March 27, 2011

Important: Schedule and News!

Still have lots a work to do. So. I wrote up a schedule... for the next 6 months...kinda

So I finely managed to step out of my hidey hole and discovered that several weeks have passed since my last update. Sorry about that. With it being the end of the year, things have been piling high and... they won't be dropping down yet. But now that i've gotten a chance to breath, I figure i’d give a run down of everything that’s coming up.


1) In April is the 4th year portfolio show. This means that 1) I am going to be incredibly busy putting that together and 2) This means that DA and my website, Art Slug will be getting a HUUUGE update within the next month, because most of the stuff that is going to be in my portfolio has never been posted. Most of them were never posted because I never gave myself the chance to fix their mistakes. Now that i’ve had this year to reflect on what I want to do, I know what pieces should go into my portfolio and what needs to be fixed, reworked or tossed out.

2) Oh and even though fan art isn’t going into my portfolio (Sort of. Maybe? You’ll see what I mean when the time comes) I have been drawing and writing like crazy. You’ll be seeing real soon why I never reposted my original fanfics, as well as get some new fan art. But portfolio comes first.


I’m done school in April and May is Graduation. While this is happening, I’m going to be in the packing up for Edmonton. That’s right, guys! I’m heading back to the city of the Trappers — uh, I mean the Cracker Cats! *Looks at someone whispering to her off camera* Huh? Oh! Uh, I mean the Edmonton Capitals!... Wait seriously?

Umm, odd Baseball team names aside, I don’t know how busy May is going to be, but I won't be totally without internet. Plus, I may or may not be job hunting, depending on how the portfolio show will go, and/or whether I can get a transfer from my Calgary job to a place in Edmonton.


I have no idea what's happening in most of June. Once again, all depends on how things go with jobs. 

June 17-19, I will be back in Calgary for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. This year, I will be sharing a whole booth with people from ACAD, and we will all be selling an assortment of things. I don’t have a specific schedule for what I plan to do, or sell, specifically. But I’m making my list. Near the top: Wonder Woman books, movies, and maybe some memorabilia. For October.


Skipping past the next several months (since I don’t have specific plans yet) lets check out October. I’m not going to reveal what I’m doing in October just yet. All I'm going to say now, is that it has nothing to do with Halloween, but I have been taking out a lot of Wonder Woman books from the library...

Speaking of which, if anyone knows of any good ONLINE resources for Wonder Woman, please send me a link!


These are some of the next planned things for the Sketch-log (In no particular order)

A few new features and an update to the look (I got a lot of nice feedback from people)
Writing Pet Peeves 2: “Because the Plot Says So...”
Review: A series of short reviews of new and old things, like the new movie Limitless (which was awesome)
Review: The new Wonder Woman comic (yes, finally)
Review: Silent Hill movie
Review: Amazing Spiderman, 655 &656
Opinion piece: Draw Mohammed day (Spoiler: I am fully against this day)
Opinion piece: Abuse of Free Speech
A new series: Non Gamer Reviews
Another new series: Face-Palmed

Now if you excuse me...

...I have some digging to do.

Seeya peoples!
Tegan Dumpleton aka Sluglady28

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  1. Nice, nice schedule planned out. Note: You are much more organized than I am (lol).

    I'm interesting in what lies ahead here, but in all sincerity, you shouldn't run yourself ragged, take a breather every now and then.

    As for the opinion articles and Face-Palmed, I await your opinions and I'll comment on them as well.