Friday, September 2, 2011

Reaction to the Reaction of Wonder Woman’s Pants

What's wrong with pants?

(warning: Nerd Rant Incoming)

It needs to be said...

Why? They’re pants. They aren’t a g-string. They aren’t a stupid 90’s jacket. THEY’RE PANTS.

Okay, let me back up. As I already mentioned in my last article, not everyone was happy with the changes to costumes. In fact, there were actual petitions on against this. Against Superman's lack of red underpants, Harley Quinn’s outfit. And among them was Wonder Woman’s new pants.

So why is Wonder Woman special this time: BECAUSE THE PETITION ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED. Out of all the rants and raving about the changes in the reboot, the only one that DC actually gave into was the complaints that Wonder Woman’s thighs aren’t covered!

And this isn’t just trolls, doing this. These are respectable people, who love and respect Wonder Woman. Heck, my MOM agreed that Wonder Woman looks better in the Bikini.

But this... is going to far.

And don’t you dare say “You don’t get it. You don’t understand Wonder Woman”. I have loved and respected the character since I was a kid. I have gotten into nerdy arguments about how Wonder Woman is not stupid or a slut (admittedly, pants would help with that.) And I've studied probably most of her history all the way back to the Golden Age. That’s WHY I'm always writing about Wonder Woman: I’m a fan.

And in her entire existence, wonder Woman has had several variations of her outfit: A skirt, shorts, bikini cut, a Greek warriors armour. She’s changed several times. And yet, theses days, every hardcore fans starts screaming bloody murder! if she isn’t in that tinie-winie-polka-doted-blue-and-red-bikini!

And... I don’t get it. I have heard every reason possible as to why she should stay in the bikini. And everyone one of them is completely invalid!

She’s still wearing the american flag motifs, pants are still suited for battle (maybe even more so), she still has the rest of her usual costume, and she still looks sexy-- in fact, Wonder Woman has kicked ass and looked good doing it in both a Greek dress and a trashy wrestlers outfit! The woman is hot in anything!

Now, in the All New Wonder Woman, and the failed TV show, people raged about the pants, but there were far more things wrong with those costumes then that. I liked All New Wonder Woman’s outfit, but she looked about 16 in it when she was suppose to be in her 20s or 30s and the little boot-things were kinda weird. And the TV show’s costume looked like a Halloween costume. But even after they changed the colors so it didn’t make my eyes bleed, fans wouldn’t shut up about the stupid pants. To the point that the director revealed that a picture of the bikini costume. And y’know what? It looked absolutely stupid. It really did.

And then in Flashpoint, Wonder Woman had pants (well, armour on her thighs), and I don’t remember hearing much outrage. Was that because everyone knew right away this wasn’t permanent? That is a terrible excuse AND hypocritical.

But there is NOTHING wrong with the reboot’s version. Nothing! It actually looks really good! Took some getting use to but, now that I look at them side by side, the bikini looks a little gaudy in comparison. And why not, when it was CHANGED AT THE LAST MINUTE.

OH, and don’t think for a second that I'm letting DC off the hook for this either. But I’ll be more lenient. Sure, I’m mad that out of all the things DC gave into, it was this. But maybe DC wants some brownie points back after practically kicking Wonder Woman out of the Brightest Day event, or the complete failure of the TV show. And most of all, DC is probably just sick and tired of the whining. And that’s all this is. Whining.

Congratulations, guys. Because you couldn't just calm down and see if the the books were ACTUALLY GOOD. You just kept whining and crying and wailing and signing petitions and drawing fanart, etc., until you got your way.

And the work of fine artists and editors had to be redone and redrawn, wasting valuable time and energy, during what must be a stressful and busy time for everyone at DC, what with the reboot, and any various other projects DC is working on. (unless of course DC knew what was coming and made an alternated version of every single comic before hand. Which seems kinda doubtful.)

Thanks guys. Thanks.

I am so. Sick. Of. This.

I am now ordering every DC fan *that took place in this petition to... take a time out. Have a nap. A piece of chocolate. Something.

They’re just pants.

Tegan aka SlugLady28 (Now that that's done, I'm gonna go read those dang comics at last :) )

*quick edit. I meant "every fan that took place in the petitions". Not "every DC fan period".


  1. I can't tell whether you're arguing for or against the pants.

  2. Killian said...
    "I can't tell whether you're arguing for or against the pants."

    Personally, I do like both designs. But I do like the pants a little better. And I'd like a change. Even for a little while.

    My biggest issue is that not only have people been protesting this, but that DC gave in. And this tends to happen with Wonder Woman. If she's not wearing the bikini, a lot of fans will either protest or boycott said project until the bikini returns.

  3. Plus DC said in the Reboot they were going to try and make the women less ummm... spandex-clad cheesecake super heroines(that might be a little harsh). I guess they remember that sex sells...out. the pun worked better in my head.

  4. I'm going to be frank, I think I like the pants. I have yet to see the bikini design but I see nothing wrong with pants, in fact I think she looks good in pants.