Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I was organizing my articles and realized that a lot of my articles this month are superhero based. So lets make it a theme! I'm even dressed up for the occasion! ...And it’s my birthday at the end of the month, so there. 

Also, I do have some things planned for october (depening on wiether or not I get a certain windows 95 computer working). But after September, the sites will be slowing down to a few more regualr updates. More like once a week instead of 1 ever copule of days. And my portfolio will have more regualr updates. This is because i’m trying to decote more time to working on my webcomic.

So here are the articles I have PLANNED in no particular order. Key word here. It always depends on my work schedule:

Ways to help Out Wonder Woman: Part 1 involves DC and Part 2 involves the fans
All new Wonder Woman Retrospective, followed by a review of the whole series.
A look into a superhero costumes, both comics, tv shows and movies
Review of the Green Lantern movie on dvd
Con report (at last)
Canadian Comics
Ways to Advertise Comics (without reboots)
The start of my Monthly Comic reviews at the end of the month that include all the DC reboot comics I’ve been buying.
My birthday list--- er, I mean “Comic Recommendations” (Not all will be super heros)

In a few hours will be the first on the list: Ways to Help out Wonder Woman-- DC edition.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

Edit: Sorry, the article will be up tomorrow morning. I've got work tomorrow and this article is taking longer to edit then I imagined. Night everybody!

Edit again: Aaaand now I have to say it's going to come in the evening. Because I ended up tossing and turning the entire night and couldn't get to sleep until some time after 5:00 am. So now I had to use all my extra hours this morning to sleep in so I'm not a complete zombie at work... sigh. Oh, well, these things happen. I'm not going to whine about it this time. Oh, but any one who asks why I didn't just work on this last night instead of tossing and turning gets a good stick in the eye.

... sorry, that's the insomnia talking... I think

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