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Slug Trails: Webcomics part 2 + review!

Pears, dragons, and free spirited hippies! I love webcomics ;) Oh, and remember, most of these are not for kids!

(All artwork below is from the early pages of each site, so comic's art style have altered since then)

Creator: Uh... Pear- Pear? Okay, real name is unknown. Sorry
okay for teens

You may not have known this but I’m interested in most comics due to the characters. Well in Pear Pear, the comic about the friendship between a Pear... and a Coffee mug. Ya. Didn’t see that coming did you?

The story is pretty much about these tow characters in a kitchen. Its’ completely silent, other then a few picture filled speech bubbles. I’m not going to lie to you: this comic is literally about watching a room change. Not kidding. New food is purchased, coffee mug goes missing (aka: taken to the sink), we get conversations between new characters as they interact with each other, they go on little adventures and well... that’s it. Sometimes we get a continuous story. But mostly, it’s one shot cartoons, much like the large cartoons we get in newspapers.

And I love it.

Pear Pear is very very odd. Sometimes, I have no idea what they are actually saying, but you know what? If pears and mugs and apples and milk cartons could talk... THIS is what I imagine them saying. None of that littlest toaster stuff. This is the mind of inanimate objects. And keep an eye on objects in the background, a subtle sign relating to the unseen human character on the house.

Currently, the comic has been pulled out of hiatus, updating when it can.


Creators: Mike Walton and Daniel Govar
Mature, not for kids! (It's a horror, duh)

Since Green Wake ended, I have been having major issues trying to fill the void of surreal, lovecrafty horror. False Positive has filled that void in more ways then one.

False Positive is anthology comic by Mike Walton. Each story is a different mix of horror, and the surreal, that would fit right at home on an episode of Twilight zone or tales from the Crypt. Now, not all the stories are my favourite. But I have a feeling that it may have to do with my own personal taste, as each story is written and drawn extremely well. Many of the endings are left open ended, which I know not everyone will be a fan of. But I suggest you at least read the first story “concoction”, to get a taste for what your in for.

But there is always one key thing in a horror comic that can either make or break it. And luckily, Mike Walton, art works incredibly well from the small touches of color, to the meaty look of his grotesque monsters, to surreal look of his shading. I’ve seen a lot of horror comics loose their edge by less then scary artwork.

My own personal favourites are Cache, Ache and Cleanup.


Creator: Justin Pierce
Okay for older teens

... You know how DC keeps trying to make Wonder Woman dark? Maybe even someone who doesn’t care that much about being goody goody hero? Or cares more about drinking beer then actually saving the world?

Okay, maybe not that last one. THAT description is in fact Wonderella, a, uh, “super heroine” thrown from her destroyed planet to planet Earth, destined to be it’s saviour and is totally not a wonder woman parody at all. 

The strips are pretty one shot, usually taking place in the middle of one of Wonderella’s sche-- I mean “adventures”. Sometimes she’s fighting against Hitlerella, or she’s trying to ditch--uh... I mean fighting along side Wonderita and Queen Beetle. Or she’s hitting the bar. Mostly she’s putting off work. By hitting bars! Yay!

It's crass, it sometimes goes to the dark humor and it's awesome. Eat your heart out Wonder- family!


Creator: Dave Shabet
Mature for gore, murder and nudity

A poet with a janitorial mop, a happy go-lucky nurse with sniper eyes, a talented killer on a mission for revenge and plumber with an obsession with Ancient Rome.... vs. the zombie apocalypse..

That is pretty much the summary for Dead Winter. Not your typical zombie apocalypse story. Liz is just having a normal day at her waitressing job, and bam! Zombies. Her fiancĂ© is missing, her city is overrun, and then she was just in a car accident. Ya. Not the best of days. To make things worse, both the army and the police in the city are in a turf war, there's a bounty hunting game going on in the sidelines and just like in all zombie stories, not everyone is as nice as they seem. It does take some time for the group to come together. We meet Blue Monday right away, but it’s a some time before everyone comes together in one big team up. Oh! And The artist also surprises us once in a while, by putting in an animated comics as well!

If I was to sum up this comic in one word, it would be: fun. Every time something depressing, scary, happens, you can almost guarantee that something hilariously awesome is about to come up and make you smile again. I love this comic And that’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t usually like zombie apocalypse tales.


Creators: Somar, Lar, Ed, and a whole whack of other awesome people
not for kids

One of my favourite places for Nerd News... of sorts. Gutters is a place by comics nerds for comic nerds, usually poking fun at the various silly things that go on in comics... or TV.. or movies... etc., all in good parodying fun of course! Whether it’s Captain america changing his name to Steve Rogers, the many, many many event comics put out one after another, the idiocy that is brand new day, perverse Optimus prime jokes and of course, teasing creators, both good and bad. Oh and One More Day. Because One More Day deserves to be made fun of all the time. (not being sarcastic)

The type of humour changes quite a bit, so if you don’t like one comic, theirs a good chance you’ll like the next.

It’s written by Somar, coloured by Lar and Ed but the main (artist and sometimes writer) switches, crating a very unique anthology of nerdom


Creator: Chloe C
Mature for nudity and sex

Roomie, a free-spirited hippie who loves life love and girls. Lazy Tyke, who would rather live in her dreams then the real world. See Roomie waltz right into Lazy Tyke's life... and her bed. 

Before getting booted right out.

Go Get A Roomie is a slice of life with surreal imagery every now and again, revolving around these two girls. Both have lived contentedly in their own lives for a long time. Once they meet, however, they both get a wrench thrown in. Now Lazy Tyke has a problem she can’t sleep through, as she now has to deal with the very energetic Roomie, and Roomie has found a woman unaffected by her loveable charms. Someone calm and straight faced. Again and again fate keeps throwing them together. And it’s hilarious.

The sex and sex related things in the comic are part of the charm and humour. It’s actually not that heavy since it’s the relationship between the two girls that is the main focus of the story. So if your squeamish about... sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, sex toys, sex jokes, nudity, boobs, or...well anything to do with sex, then this comic may not be for you. However... if you aren’t squeamish about it then perfect!


Creator: Ryan Smith
Not for kids

Once upon a time, Coven was cursed to be part dragon. The only cure it to commit good deeds.

Over a hundred years later... he’s still working on it.

Enter Rawn, a young magic user that wants to help Coven, suggesting to take him to Lavenham to see a medical friend of hers. But this tale takes place in a magical land filled with behemoths, magical creatures and, well, magic. And with a war going on, getting to Lavenham is going to be harder then it looks. Especially when you involved a magical orb, evil cats, an evil wizard, a supposedly undead warlord, werewolves and Time Kitty.

Time. Kitty.

I’d show you a picture, but I'd rather you see it in context. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Like so many other comics here, the story focus’ on the relationship between Rawn and Coven and the characters they come across. Each one a delight to read due to the good sense of humour involved. The story is mainly a fantasy, but has a lot of comedy, even in extremely serious moments. It also has quite a few adult jokes so it’s not really for kids.


Okay, that's it for now! I'll see you guys next week. We're getting back to Clothes Make the Characters, were I talk about... dun dun dun--- NUDITY! Le' gasp! *Edit: Well, Nudity and Sex appeal and feminism and everything in between. Just figured I'd clarify*

And whose going to help me out this time?

This should be fun.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28


All the art except the title card belongs to their respective artist.

Hm. Uh, nothing really to say in the credits this time... How's the weather?

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