Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Site gets mature rating warning. Sigh.

Okay, something little quick to tell you guys. So you see that little thing at the top, right? The one that says the site is teen to mature rated. Well, that's what i want it to stay as. And you guys know that i am almost obsesive in marking when a link or an article is not for kids or is extremely mature (even though kids should not be going to my site anyway)

However, because the of the topics i want to talk about, such as nudity in comics (not the sexual explicit kind. More of the renaissance painter kind), I've decided to just bite the bullet and make my site as Mature. Honestly, I wish I could write in the warning what it's mature for, but I can't. There will still be teen related things here, but I'm kinda already pushing googles standards with a few articles here. So, better safe then sorry, y'know?

There's also a chance ArtSlug will get the same treatment, since I'm planing to post more horror and mature art in the future, along side the lighthearted stuff. But I haven't decided exactly when that will happen.

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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