Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why I Love Comics

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Holy crud! It's finally done! Yeesh, this was long. Largest strip I've done for the site (took 2 full sheets of my 17"x6" board) plus the largest amount of images and largest amount of times my computer decided to crap out at me at the last minute. So this is what I actually planned last week.

A few weeks ago I’ve was going through a bit rough state. Combination of creative block, my health (again) and just really not nice things going on. But it was all the sheer amount of stupid and jack-assery going on in the comic industry lately was the camel that broke the straw's back... you heard me.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m feeling better now. That’s why over dramatic comic is over dramatic. But, I was emotionally at the point where I wasn't sure if I wanted to draw comics anymore.

And then I picked up Animal man 7, The amazing Spider man 681, Glory 1, Venom 13.2 and the preview book for Avengers vs x-men, found out that X-23 is getting one more issue...

...and gave myself a good kick in the face for being so stupid (much harder then it looks)

I love comics.

I will always love comics.

Sure, it's easy to get worked up or caught up in something that seems little. But I go up on my soap box and write about all these things because I LOVE comics! I want the industry to be a better place, I don't want to see my childhood cartoon heros get turned into sluts, or see my childhood real-life heroes get wronged. Comics at their best and I want to show that best to other people!

So, since I badly needed to do something to cheer myself up, I'm going to completely rip off Bob Chipman's rip off of the Film Critic Hulks article (yes, i know i got the titles wrong in the strip, sorry) and just... list why I like comics. Just making the list put a good feeling back into me. Feel free to rip me off and make your own


Because good will always win

Except when it doesn’t

Because you can wear silly looking tights,

be a magical grade schooler with a magic...flying thing,

or have no actually super powers...

 And still be a super hero.

Because demons can be heroes

Because pirates can be heroes

Because of every days heroes

Because children can be heroes

because grandparents can be badass (and heroes)

Because pets can be heroes and have their own super team

Because of villains you love to hate

Not matter what side their on.

Because children can be villains

Because children can be gods

Because Children can be smarter then adults

Because Moms and dads can be heroes/villains/gods/smarter then kids

Because families can stick together, even through a war against super natural/alien invaders

Because it brings families together
Admit it-- They look adorably bad@$$

Because Batman is indeed awesome

Because of Optimus Prime in a Santa suit

Because of Spider Man and his rogues gallery

of Superman, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, She Hulk, Power Girl, Animal Man, Elastic man, Princess Serenity, Ichigo, Zebra Girl and way more characters then I can put here

Because Big Foot can be a secret agent

Because of Mr. Myxe--Mtxp-...This guy

Because Hitler gets punched.

...A lot

Because of alternate realties.

Because a superman from an alternate universe punched a hole in reality

Because the Phoenix will always come back to life

Because everyone comes back to life... except for uncle ben

Because an illiterate mute can be badass

Because this got retconed:

Because it’s magic, bitch.

Because of peace



And the Canadian way
















And even in a wheel chair, bitch.

Because being disabled is a super power

Because Jesus Christ can exist at the same time as Lincoln. And fight zombies.

Because Jesus Christ can be a super hero.

Because talking to squirrels...

is actually a really cool super power

Because of Clones
Hah! You thought it was gonna be an image from the Clone Saga, didn't ya?

Because science is awesome

Because this fed my obsession

Because of Adam Hughes

Because of Gail Simone

Because of Neil Gaiman

Because of Will Eisner

Because of Art Spiegelman

Because of Stan Lee

Because of Jack Kirby

Because of Adam Moore

Because of Grant Morrison

Becuase of Osamu Tekusa

Because of Rumiko Takahashi

Because of Himoru Arakawa

 Or as we usually know her:

Because of Liefeld

Because Liefeld is such an easy target I don’t even have to write a joke here

Because despite being an easy target, Liefeld did give us Dead Pool and Cable,
which still makes him kinda cool

Because of so many more creators then I can possible put here.

Because Comics can be art

Because comics can be novels

Because comics helped me learn to read

Because comics made me want to read better

Because it made me want to write down my stories
I love abusing the heck out of this image XD

Because it made me want to draw my stories
I know, shameless plug. Shoosh

Because the 90s made we want to draw better

Because of relaunches

Because of conventions
Someday... someday

Because of costumes

Because conventions are pretty much the only time I will ever wear a skirt...
and embarrass myself in public... er, on purpose
Yes, that is me.
Have I filled my nerd requirements yet?
Because of convention panels

Because waiting in line for an hour for to meet that creator is so worth it

Because of fan art

Because of fan fiction

Because of good fanfiction, I mean.

Because what doesn’t last in movies, tv or videogames
 will always get a second chance in comics...

Because manga showed me that comics were more then overly muscular men and
 pencil thin woman in skimpy outfits (granted, the 90s western comics were not kind to me)

Because, yes, you can be a hideous monster, a robot, a ghost, or a zombie and still get the girl

And then have kids (sort of)

Because robots can have feelings

Because robots can be anything they want. Including Amish
Last shameless plug... I think

Because of ink and color

Because of A Contract with God

Because of League of One

Because of Final Crisis

Because of the complete works of Will Eisner

Because of the complete works of Alan Moore

Because of the first half of the complete works of Frank Millar

Because of the Walking Dead

Because of the Walking Dead tv show

Because of Kick Ass, Sin City, first 2 Spider Man movies, most of the Superman movies,
 the Hulk movies, and so many others

Because all Fantastic 4 movies, The Spirit, The X-men trilogy,  both Ghost Rider movies,
 and all of the batman movies. Thats right. I said it.

Because the Avengers movie is actually happening

Because Archie can never make up his dang mind.

Because Jughead CAN eat every burger in the world

Because Linus will always have his blankie

Because Ed will always be shor-- uh, never mind

Because if I never wanted to draw sailor moon, I never would have looked up images
on the internet and found out she was a comic book character first.

Because Nami can control the weather with batons

Because Demon knights got me into old fashion fantasy again.

Because the watcher is watching

Because of over the top, backwards, unable-to-follow continuity.

Because of parodies
Because sexy dames and dudes are okay

Because sexy is in the eye of the beholder

Because Porn can be art.
Don't google this unless you're over 18...
And don't mind seeing fairy tale characters in porn...
Your googling it, aren't you?

Because of Wizards Comics, Happy Harbor, Another Dimension, Red Skull, and Quantum Comics

Because of Free Comic Book day

Because when I went on a camping trip, I would always get to pick out a comic
at a gas station as a treat, so I would stop complaining about being on a camping trip.
...Never actually worked, though

Because of webcomics

Because your work is only determined by your imagination(and sometimes how
much bandwidth you have)

Because of Nakama

Because going to a comic store is my Zen time, and sometimes is the best thing about my week.

Because drawing my thoughts helped me let off some steam and helped me get through junior high

Because all those people who made fun of me or criticized me
through my school life for liking comics, were wrong.

Because we have great rage in our hearts

Because we can uses that rage for good

Because of the people it helped me meet

Because of the communities it's led me to...

Because of ink, paper and the sweat of our brows

Because we will never give up the good fight, as long as there is as there is one to be fought
Because even though it’s sometimes easy to forget why we’re here, even when we are
surrounded by people that don’t get where we’re coming from...

....even when it seems hopeless, even when I'm sick, or depressed and I’m in a dark place...

I’ll always find something on the shelves to make me smile.
Because Comics are my world. And I want it to be a good one for as long as possible.


This... is not even close to the whole list. Not kidding. Every time I think I'm done, two minutes later I want to go back and put in even more stuff. May have to do a sequel... very very far into the future. Right now, I gonna sleep.

Anybody want to add to the list?



Of course not all the images are mine. And only a couple of items are my works. I'll be posting links to say what the comic/movie/etc, the other images are from. But only after my eyes stop burning from exhaustion...

I was going to include more personal photos, such as me and my college buds... but my save files decided to scamper off some where ;_;

Things i learned about while making this: The world of comics is so vast, i've only just seen the tip of it while working on this... and google images can be either your friend or your enemy @_@

 Next update will be a very very very small one. I hope (This was supposed to be a small one @_@) And then, I think I'm gonna change the schedule to every two weeks on the Sketch-log. Don't worry, this is more due to with the next couple articles I have planned. Basically, the site will be going into a different direction for the next bit and the extra work it'll cause is just too much to do every week plus balancing work, Art Slug, the upcoming Calgary Comic Con,my other planned projects and webcomic.


  1. I was just feeling depressed and that cheered me up. Thanks.

  2. "I was just feeling depressed and that cheered me up. Thanks."

    Glad I could help! Thanks!

    BTW, in my sleepy stupor, I forgot about this: anyone that wants to know who Sam is, check the link here find out

  3. THIS.
    Just this.

    Oh and these as well:

    Because comics helped me in French (Tintin and Asterix and Obelix)

    Because labels are unnecesary (you can't really label Scott Pilgrim as anything singularly, I will confirm that)

    Because you don't need words to tell a story (I would pick some comics, but Bloodsong has a bit of that)

    Because a cartoon character named Bone made me want to draw my own fantasy adventure comic

    Because of Moebius (RIP)

    Because Moebius' art made me want to draw my own sci-fi worlds

    Because a short about a fox on some far off planet made me tear up.

    Because Nausicaa started off as a manga.

    Because Nausicaa made me want to write epic, twist ending stories about people, the environment, and fantastic worlds.

    Just a small dose of some of my favorite stuff about comics, though thanks to French class, I was introduced to a lot of the French/European comics at a young age.