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SlugTrails: Lets Players and Gaming Fan Works

All right, I’ll admit it, this is coming completely last minute. Some things came up this week, and two articles I had planned next are taking a wee bit longer then planned. I even tried to do something really short, but it isn’t happening. So, another Slug Trails, yay!

Oh shoosh.

So, on with today’s topic: Games

I'm a little obsessed with video games. But I royally suck at them. I don’t have much talent for it, I don’t have the money to buy them. So to feed my obsession, I watch lets plays and walkthroughs. And I feed it even more with the many game related fan works. So I thought I’d share my obsession a little!

It should also be said that the majority of these are MATURE.

Lets Players

Walkthroughs are really good when you just want to watch the game on its own, while Lets plays are good if you want some funny commentary to accompany it. Now, these days, I watch mostly lets plays, because I personally just find it a bit more interesting. I like hearing what players are thinking during the game

Mainly Minecraft

Yogscast: Simon and Lewis, one of the most famous Mine craft lets players, with there “rpg” series, Shadow of Israphel. But they also look at Minecraft maps, other video games. Check them out, and their other page, Yogscast2

IntheLittlewood: Minecraft, Pokemon, Zelda and lover of tree symbolism... just watch the videos. You’ll understand.

Editzp: Minecraft lets player, famous for failing epicly, threatening people with a fish and being the voice of Maximus Manly. Currently on a hiatus due to life :D

Captain Sparkles: Not only does he do Minecraft and game lets plays, but he also does animation and music for minecraft fan videos such as Revenge

Bashurverse: originally known for his series Legend of Hobo, bash also does a few minecraft maps as well.

NoGamesForYoungMen: Yay! It’s another... minecraft lets player. Hm... I’m noticing a trend. Anywho, Prebz and Anerino are back online with the continuation of their old series!


MangaMinx: Her new channel is mainly for rpgs of all genres, but also check out her old channel here which was mainly horror lets plays, and contains her infamous lets play of Amnesia the Dark Decent!

Helloween: Mainly horror games. Oh, and he really, really hates ladders. And ninjas. Bloody Ninjas.

Jammyone: He does a variety of lets plays to horror and action...what is it with me and the british lets players?

PewDiePie- He screams. He screams a lot. And it is flippin hilarious (Though be warned, he has pretty gross humor. And you should probably turn the volume down)

YogscastSjin: Okay, he also does a lot of minecraft stuff, but I haven’t watched much of it. I wanted to put him here for his lets play of Dear Esther. Sjin’s voice works really for the soft, mysterious tone of the game. Dear Esther is a game that changes the second time you play it, and it’s rare to find a good blind lets play for the first run through.

VideoGamesAwesome: 4 gamers, one couch, and everything from game lets plays to game news.

MahaloVideogames: a team of gamers that do walkthroughs and lets plays of different games.

Lanipator- I’ve already mentioned Lani before, but that was as a reviewer. He’s done a lot of more lets plays since then, so there.

Game related Fan Works

Okay, it’s youtube. There are a lot of fan videos and also some truly amazing ones if you know where to look. But you’d be surprised just how many talented and serious directors, animators, artists, writers and musicians join in too. Some are just for fun, while others are done for their portfolios. I’ve already mentioned Captain Sparkles, but here are some more amazing examples of hard core gaming fans


SlamCow- Does Minecraft animations. Also home of Dave the Zombie and Bart the Bar tending Enderman.

Varide is famous for his work with Minecraft Animations and camera work. Sometimes they're silly, sometimes calm, but almost all show off grand minecraft builds.

Harry-UK does a combination of animation, music and film work. When he’s not doing original work, he’s doing Portal 1 and 2 parodies including This is Aperture

Dan trachetenberg- So far, Dan has only done 2 videos. Portal: No escape, a very high quality, gritty trailer for a fake Portal movie and a “making of” video. But i’d say it’s worth your time if your interested in film

Thousand Pounds Action Co. -- stunt and martial arts videos. They've done several short films of games, comics and TV. Check out their Street Fighter x Tekken short film.


Saint Kitten- Since Portal 2 was put out, There has been a lot of people making covers of the songs from the game, and many Glados covers. But Saint Kitten is definitely one of my favorites, with her work with Harry UK and her cover of Cara Mia Addio

Blinktwice4y- nerdy music for nerdy people. He’s here for his game parody songs including Mushroom King Gurls. And yes. It is a California Gurls Parody.

Lindsey Sterling- If you've heard of Sterling before, you know her as "that violinist who dances as she plays". She was a quarter finalist on 2010's America's Got Talent, and since then has certainly found her niche in the musical world, merging her music with dance and acting into each of her music videos. She's created several original songs but has put on beautiful covers of songs from Legend of Zelda and Lord of the Rings

Kirby Krackle- Nerd Rock Band covering games, comics, tv, movies and everything in between.


SilentIvo- (REALLY MATURE due to pure mindscrews) Originally famous for his mindscrewy Silent Hill images. And when his not doing that, Ivo provides his own dash of original mindscrews.


Okay, so thats it for now. New art will be up at artslug tomorrow.

I'm off do do some drawing, seeya!
 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28


Quick edit, almost forgot the Tunes of the Day! Phew!

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