Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SlugTrails: Webcomics

Hellooo everyone! It's been a while since we've had one of these right? To those unfamiliar or have forgotton, SlugTrails is a segment where I post a bunch of links around a certain subject. It was planned as a way to post something when I didn't have time to post an article. It got dropped do to hiatusness, but now its back. And, considering what i've been working on lately, we're talking about WEBCOMICS!

I love webcomics. Love-love-love webcomics. Unfortunately, webcomics don't get nearly the attention they should, unless they get published and sold in comic book stores, or look they "professional" art. I know that part of the reason is obviously advertising, but sometimes it's just a misinterpretation of the content. If it doesn't look good, then people ignore it as "amateurish", not realizing that it may be filled with something wholly unique.

But that's one of the great things about webcomics: they can have styles, stories, and content that you wouldn't find often in today's market. Webcomics can be started by anyone, and it doesn't matter how skilled at anatomy they are, or if they draw in ms paint or if they have a college degree. Some do it for fun, with no intention of publishing. A lot of the creators aren't controlled by companies that have the ability to cancel their work if it suits them.

 Yes, that means there are some not so great webcomics out there, but the market in webcomics is so big, whether a comic is good or bad comes more down to personal taste (sometimes)

However... this means ALSO that finding a webcomic you like, is like using the search engine on DeviantArt without the safe search on. 

Best thing you can do is find at least ONE webcomic you like, and then check out the ads and links to other comics found on that site... and then head straight to their About page, just incase... though sometimes that is no help at all either.

Anywho, here are some of my favorite webcomics i've read, or are currently reading! I've separated them into not mature rated, mature rated and HOLY HECK, LISTEN OT ME WHEN I SAY MATURE RATED!

Edit: This is the upteenth time i've had to move a link into a different section. I forget one little scene... sigh. I wish web comic artists just put a general rating on their sites @_@

Not Mature Rated

The Intrepid Girlbot -An amusingly silly comic about a girl bot, a raccoon, and silly adventures. 

Selkie -little swearing now an again, but pretty much harmless

Springiette -Chibis. Lots and lots of Chibis

The Abominable Charles Christopher -a sasquatch and talking animals. Really funny and cute but has some violence and sad things...

Mature Rated

Almost all of the comics here are MATURE rated and contain violence, harsh swearing, sexual themes, gore, etc. Some of them have it lighter then others, so be warned 

What birds Know -Thriller-horror-ish with some of the most gut wrenchingly sad scenes ever. And I love it. Also, if childbirth grosses you out... 

Harbourmaster  -Wayward's original comic featuring melodrama, politics, bugs and nudity. Because nudity does not always mean porn and Tal is adorable when he's embarrassed.

In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream -Wayward's transformer webcomic from way back before Harbourmaster. Contains slash, silliness and the occasional transformer toy wearing a lacy dress.

Sister Claire A nun gets pregnant with the savior... Plus, toilet humor!

El Goonish Shive contains: a gun that can turn you super female, clones, a transforming squirrel girl with anentie, the ocassianl pervert and the ocasional hammer to hurt said pervert.

Zap! Not to be confused with Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. A space fantasy thing with psychics and amnesiac captains. It gets become much more darker then how it began.

Zebra Girl A girl turns into a zebra-looking demon. Not kidding.

Earthsong Saga -Fantasy scifi about... well... if I say aliens fighting bad aliens with universe ending consequences, it doesn't come off as unique as it is. Just click the link. You'll see ;)

Supernormal Step -Girl gets sent to another dimension where she has superpowers, and she's friends with a womanizing mage and potty-mouthed bunny. Its pretty random.

Dresden Codak -Technobabble and robots are fun

White Noise -Anthro cat-boy during the post apocalypse.

Dreamless -Pretty and romantic tale of a Japanese boy and an American girl during WWII. Oh, and they can only see each other through dreams.

Lackadaisy -Cats, bootlegging in the 1920s, bloody gunfights and all that ishkabibble.

No Rest For The Wicked -Dark/funny story involving characters from grimms tales. And it’s updating again! Yay!

Rice Boy -Home of Rice Boy, Order of Tales, Vattu and other tales

Romantically Apocalyptic -Read! You must show Captain love!


Extremely violent, extremely dark, contains actual sex, or gets either close to or into the NC 17 rated things.

Blip -A blip in the universe. Down here just in case.

Trying Human Alien/human romantic drama. Nuff said. It's down here cause of at least one sex(ish?) scene

YU+ME: Dream -Gets really mature every once in a while and has at least one full on sex scene. Girl+Girl romance that turns completely in upside down halfway through the story.

Sorcery 101 -Contains actual sex, so be warnedMagic, vampires, werewolves. No, I'm not going to make a Twilight joke. 

Khaos Komix -Warning Khaos Komix is ONLY for adults and even contains some NC17 rated stories and picture. It is also an awesome comic, that deals with, well, sexuality. Transgender issues, romance vs lust, homosexuality, homophobia, abuse and yes, even the R word

That's it for now! Check out my DA page and Art Slug tomorrow for a new art update! And its won't be a sketch log drawing this time!

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

Oh! And SlugLady has now been updated! Checkout the different pages, cause they've all been fully updated!

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