Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So here we are again...

So. Didn't get any articles in---yadda yadda--- I'm sick of this--- blah de blah. I've done this scene. Several, eye-twitching times.

Okay, long story short--- I can't organize. Never have. Anyone whose known me, personally or net wise, knows this. And i further proove it by, once again, failing to post the articles I meant to this week. And before you think it's just the sites i'm bad with, i should note that I have barely drawn or writen anything in the past week. And if i don't start soon, i fear my muse may start using sledgehammers to motivate me.

However, conventual means of organization doesn't work for me. So. I'm not gonna whine. Not going to play the blame game. Not going to threaten life's manager with combustible lemons. You know what I did instead?

I started a blog.

A blog dedicated to getting my act together.

No. Really.

I'll be using this blog to motivate and regulate my new goal and catalogue what i've done and what I'm attempting. Why the internet? I don't know. Maybe I just have a natural urge to embarrass myself.

So what does this mean for Art Slug, SlugLady's Sketch Log, and my writing, my art, eceter and so forth? Well, hopefully it means I'll finally start doing something. My goal this week is to post as many articles as I can here (hopefully with pictures this time) even if it ends up being mostly Slug Trails (Which I'm suppose to be doing anyway when there is an unscedualed hiatus, ahem), and on Art Slug, and DA. And, who knows, maybe I can acutally draw something this week.

Fingers crossed.

-Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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