Friday, June 17, 2011

Off to Con! Special Update Coming Next Week!

Hey all! This weekend I’m off to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo! I will be selling a few things (as long as everything goes well at the printers. Fingers crossed! Fingers crossed!) Up above is a sample of one of the bookmarks I will be selling! (So it counts as a new image. I planned this. Really. Ya.) I should be selling a few. Hopefully. Might be edited a bit more... 

Frag, I'm starting to sound like Portal 2 Wheatley...

In addition, the book Acadian Comics, will be sold at the convention! The book is an anthology of comics created last year by us former and current ACAD students! We will be at the con under the name Project God Particle. See you there!

AND! Next week, I will be posting FOUR articles on the blog. You read that right! I know I said “no promises”. But it’s been an... interesting week in comics and such to say the least and I have three of the articles in edits already. Two of them will be regarding the latest... choice... DC made last week. Another will be an “Ode to Print” and the forth will be a Con Report of the comic con!

Seeya next week guys! And wish me luck!
 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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