Friday, January 28, 2011

SlugLady's Sketch-Log: Open!

Time to move in!

Come on in! Welcome to SlugLady’s sketch-log, my illustrated blog.

Who are you?

SlugLady aka SlugLady28 aka Tegan Dumpleton, and in a past life, NekoGal28. A Canadian girl currently going to the Alberta College of Art and Design for her Illustration Degree.

What is this?

A blog where I talk about my daily life, things in the news, review things I’ve watched/read/played and other miscellaneous ramblings, all accompanied by a few drawings and doodles. Many involving me either being scared out of my antennaed mind, getting beaten to a bloody pulp, or going on a rampage as I tear through the latest unholy “masterpiece” of mainstream media *cough-LastAirbender-cough*.

How often do you update?

I want to update as frequently as possible, but not everyday has something interesting to talk about. I’m shooting for once a week. Other then that, it’s pretty random.

Can I comment here?

Yes! Anyone can comment on my Blogspot sites, even if they don’t have a username on Blogspot.

What is this site rated?

PG and PG 13. If I talk about something serious or extremely mature, I’ll warn you ahead of time.

I can’t see your pictures!

If you can’t see the images, and you are sure it’s not because of your internet or internet provider, please let me know right away so I can fix it.

Is this your only art site?

Nope. My portfolio site is here: Art Slug And my other art site is here (complete with fanart): DeviantArt

Does your antennae have a mind of it’s own?

... Let me get back to you on that.

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