Thursday, February 2, 2017

SlugLady Talks: Make some noise!

I have something to say, and so should you
(language warning)

I'm so fucking done right now.

Every day. Every FUCKING day, I see more garbage being spewed from Trump's lips or from the lips of those he is on the side of. Every FUCKING day, I see white supremacists, anti everything that isn't straight, cis white men, talk openly about the people they wish to hurt. Talk about the rights they want to take away. The rights they HAVE taken away. People who are coming to this country are having they're green cards unlawfully taken away! People with mental illnesses can STILL buy guns, and the MALE president of WALMART has been elected one of Trumps advisors on women in the work place! Trumps only been in office for TWO FUCKING WEEKS and frankly, I'm sick of MANY MANY things. But one thing I can't stand anymore:

The people that are standing still.

There are a lot of people protesting right now. But we need more. We need every celebrity, every reporter, every one in the fucking world needs to be constantly call this man and his followers out on their shit.

But no, "it's complicated, people say", you "don't want to get involved" you say. Heck even the guys behind south park are stepping back, refusing to touch these issues.

I don't care if you think it's HARD to say something. Every day, people are loosing their basic human rights. THAT is hard. I don't CARE what your opinion on Trump vs Hillary. I don't CARE if you think he really "cares" about the american people. And no, it really doesn't matter to compare HOW people reacted to Obama. Or Bush. Or anyone else.

I care about right now and right now the president of the united states has hired unqualified one percenters or white supremacists that are, right now, making it all the more legal to treat women like baby making machines that have no rights. They have already happily admitted to badly treating women, and people of color!

Right now--- EVERYONE needs to be talking. EVERYONE needs to be calling the american government out. Stop saying it makes you uncomfortable, stop flip flopping. open your damn eyes and open your damn mouth.

Because as far as I can tell, this has officially become a war. Don't believe me? How about you check the news? See all the protests? The police and the protesters fighting against each other? People on both sides getting hurt? That is, for lack of a better term, the start of a war. A rebellion. A repeat of past history.

This is a war against fascists, and if we don't use our voice and our pens to put and end it it soon, then it will continue to escalate into something more violent. More then it already has.

So stop being silent.

Lets make some noise.

edit: meant to write "straight cis white men". That has been fixed

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