Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sluglady Talks- Never Give In

I don't usually talk about politics but after what happened on Wednesday and with Remembrance day on Friday, I got some things to get off my chest. I'm gonna be talking about some serious and depressing stuff, but I promise, there's a happy ending.

Donald Trump is now president. A maniac so vile & out of touch with the world is now president. And I DO mean maniac. Trump might be heel turning NOW, saying that he's gonna protect LGBT groups and help out America’s economy, but Trump has ALSO made many many claims that would put less powerful people in jail and wants to reshape America into a place where only the white, straight, male and rich rule, even more then they already do. He wants to pass bills that will contradict the very basic human rights of people all over the world.

And ALL of this is made worse by the fact that many republicans are now leading the senate, one of the only powers in America that can oppose him. The other power being the American people themselves. In fact it's very telling of what kind of world we live in today, based on peoples reactions.

Barack Obama had to spend over 8 long years proving to people he's American. Hilary has been slammed for “scandals” so light I'm using air quotes. But Trump, a man that has openly used racist slurs and sexual abuse and homophobic remarks--- becomes PRESIDENT. And even before one day is done, people are revolting against it. And yet, he is still president. The American people know they have been wronged and yet he is still in power. People aren’t' just angry. They're freaking TERRIFIED. People are scared that their rights will be taken away. If ever there was a metaphor for the state of things right now, this is it.

“Oh, but Tegan,” you say, “your CANADIAN. You don't have to worry about Trump!”

WRONG! We have people just like Trump in powerful places up north. Right now, there is a hearing involving Judge Robin Camp, because during a sexual assault case, he started blaming the victim, and even asked why she couldn't keep "her knees together". His defense? He didn't know the laws.

Let me repeat: The judge. Of the federal court. Didn't. Know. The law. And blames THAT on acting like an ass-hat to a woman that was raped.

For every Justin Trudeau and Hilary Clinton that people slam in the media, there's a Donald Trump mistreating people.

Minorities, even rich minorities, are treated like dirt. The British Press being racist and sexist to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's new girlfriend. People that aren’t white, straight and male being payed far less then everyone else. Heck I just read an article about method acting and how all it does is perpetuate masculine stereotypes and the belief that pain = art. As long as your a dude. Female method actors, when they get noticed, are only applauded for looking less beautiful and canned for acting like a human being.

And this is where I'm going segway into feminism and comics. My mom asks me many times why I don't try to get a job at a big company like Marvel, or DC comics. Why I have never actually applied. And it's very simple--- I do not want to deal with a job where, at any moment, I could be sexually assaulted and then get fired for speaking out about it. That’s it. Because no matter how good or bad the stories are, both companies STILL have a history of creating their employees like garbage that can be removed at anytime.

And because I am an Asexual, Pan-romantic Feminist Woman. And the rich bigots of the world would rather sweep my “issues” under the rug then treat me equally or, dare I suggest, pay me equally. You're job as a minority is to STAY there and if you attempt to get out of said group, you're slammed for not knowing your place.

Because the bad guys are running the world and everything sucks.

And yet, we go on.

One of the most hopeful things coming out of this, is the amount of people instantly revolting against all the venom out there today. There are protest happening RIGHT NOW. And though I will never advocate violent protests, seeing people, not just sad, scared, or angry, but willing to do something about the problems out there-- gives me hope.

It tells me that if anyone, be they government official or internet troll, tries to take away ANYONE'S basic human rights-- black, trans, gay, Muslim, woman, veteran, child-- you can DAMN WELL BET that WE will fight against it tooth and nail every step of the way!

Friday is Remembrance Day in Canada. And I can't think of a better way to honor our fallen then by promising that no mater what, we will not give up EVER, on doing the right thing.

This is the Sluglady, signing off.


Edit Nov 11/2016: I wanted to mention one more thing. Clinton's emails involving Syria. I did some fact checking into it and honestly, every place I look has extreme views in each direction, oversimplifying something extremely complicated. However, I did find THIS article, about Syria response to the election. And it has made up my mind that Trump is still the worst choice of President.

Buisness Insider: Syrian regime: 'We are happy that Clinton did not win'

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