Friday, September 20, 2013

Animethon 20 report! (sort of!)

Hello everyone! After, what, over a month since, I am FINALLY posting my con report!

And by "report", i actually mean "slide show" because I didn't actually get to go the whole weekend. Friday was spent at my work's vendor table, which was super fun! Saturday was spent at only a few panels. And... then got massivily sick on Sunday and couldn't go. Oy.

Luckily, I got to be a photo bug!! So, photo dump ahoy!

I've been going to the Animethon for years. It's the first con I ever went to, and one of the few places my lonely teenage self could feel like she belonged! And when I moved to Calgary, it became kinda a meeting place for me and my highschool friends to see each other again. So, ya, the Animethon has a lot of sentamental value for me.

And besides Halloween, conventions are one of the few places where i will put on a skirt. That said...

I went as Heather, from Silent Hill 3! Apopogies for not taking a better picture.

So how was the con this year?

Well, the animethon tends to be a bit more layed back, like smaller cons tend to be. People who would ranther hang out with friends then go to panels hang out on the yard, without worrying about being locked out of the building due to overcrowding. They're isn't huge loud crowds or overly strict and rude security gaurds. Heck, I saw at least one that was getting into the fun.

Photo bombed by an officer. Now THAT is something i never thought i'd experience.
Some people did complain to me about a few rude vollenteers, but it wasn't nearly as bad as other conventions I've been to. And the one strict volunteer I saw was only trying to help clear the path for people being blocked by photographers.

There are places to play videogames, tournaments, watch anime, purchase some artwork, or check out some of the guests. And there are always some surprises and rare finds at the vendors hall. CD's and games exclusive only to japan. Like a copy of earthbound in a special addition box set!

 Overall, the animethon just feels more... relaxed.
This... has both good and bad consequences.  But I'll save my complains to the end.

The one event I did make sure to head to was the Survival Horror Panel. Viral Outbreak Gaming had their first live podcast as everyone talked about survival horror games! You can check it out right here and listen to some horror geeks nerd out about their favorite games. And hear me trip over my words because I can't talk without a script and no matter what, I always embarrass myself at least once at every con I go to. Don't worry, you'll see me. I accidently sat directly behind the camera man *Facepalm*

Here's one of the things I love about conventions. How else could you see Lt Armstrong ballroom dancing with Slenderman (sadly, did not get a picture)

Or a bubble head nurse walking around with a disney princess?

Omgosh, how is he moving his back like that?!

Here's where I feel terrible, because I forgot these girl's names. These girl's costume were cool. I think the girl in yellow is a Steam Punk Daisy. The girl in blue put together the wooden hand herself and the fingers could actually move. She was gracious enough to let me try it on. It was really hard to move the fingers, but I really wish I took a video. And a higher quality picture...

Another Heather!!!


This guy was there advertising a DND theater show!

And this Patty was in character the whole con. Did not know someone could have that much boundless energy.

One. Two. Three. Gender Swap!


This Stein gets the award for best costume because he rolled around in a chair everywhere.

And a few Bioshock Infinite!

And a Booker with an official, working Sky Hook.


Hands down, my favorite anime character cosplay ever. Also, that's a real bird! O_o

I... I don't even.

Our friendly neighboor hood quest givers! These guys were giving out acutal quests to everyone.

Ahem. Sorry. Couldn't resist

Samurai Hello Kitty.
 A random little girl dressed in full Hello Kitty gear approved.

A Pinky Pie Cannon. Yes. That Pinkie Pie. It was made for the cosplay weapons panel that i was too sick to go too. Sadly, did not get a picture of the flutershy bubble cannon (that blew acutal bubbles).

So. Many. Links!


How...? What? I... How is he doing that!?

A unique take on Lumpy Space Princess.

Claire from Baccano!!! EEEEEEEEEE!

These guys really got into character


And Winnner for creepiest costume goes to...


Most adorable costume goes to...

That's it for pictures! Not for the not so nice stuff.

Most of my complains are regarding the outside. The convetion is hosted at a college with a small front yard. The yard is use manly to hang out, meet up with friends, etc. But needs much more attention from convention staff.
1. There is a big trash problem in the front yard. You could blame the attendants but you can find the same problem at any fair or festival. A simple thing like more garbage cans (the things were literaly overflowing.), or hiring people to clean it up outside (like most festivals do).

2. There are very few offical activities outside. Which means most activites are started and ended by attendees and don't have as much supervision. Last year, someone decided to play red rover, of all games, and the whole thing ended with several ambulances and the college almost canceling the convention this year. Luckily, the Animethon learned from last years mistakes.

 This year people stared a few rounds of “caremeldansen” which was loads of fun. And people played a game called Ninja, which isn't suppose to be a rough game. But it felt less like an offical activity and more like a recess game. Without proper supervision there's always a chance of things getting to rough and accidents happening.
3. Attendees that didn't prepay were given those annoying paper bracelets as passes. These things are TERRIBLE. Why do we still use them?! And for that matter, why does someone ELSE have to put them on? Why can't we do that ourselves? I had to take mine off after Friday (I wasn't at work all day, so I bought a weekend pass). And when I went to get it exchanged, I discovered, to my dismay, that I had to line up with everyone else who was paying for a pass. That seemed really dumb to me. It was my fault that I took off the pass, but if it was someone that had no choice, that would be really unfair to them. While in line, I talked to a girl wo had it way worse then me. When she bought her pass, the con worker put the braclet on so loosely, it fell off the next day and she was forced to pay for another one. THAT is definitely not fair. Lanyards and pins has the chance of being lost as well, but at least then, you can pick where you pin it, and take if off when you sleep.
But, as I said, these are small compared to the rest of the pros. Animethon is a great place to just relax. Costumes, panels and guests aren't limited to just anime. And Because there are always things for kids, and few crowds, it's nice place to take your kids, as long as you keep an eye on them. If your new to anime, it's a good place for a first con!

 Tegan Dumpleton AKA SlugLady28

Next time:

Saddle Up!

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