Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lasso Of Truth

One more time...

OMG it's finally done! And... it's a video! Yes, this is the surprise I had. Apologies for the lateness. As usual I continue to get sick twice a month. Yay. Oh, and I will never, ever, ever, use Windows Live Movie Maker again O_o

Anyway, Here is the credits and various links:

My first video review/ramble! Here's the links to things I mention in the video
Review site, SlugLady's Sketch-Log: http://slugladyssketchlog.blogspot.ca/
Art site, ArtSlug : http://artslug.blogspot.ca/
Still-under construction web comic site MEH!: mehthecomic.blogspot.com
Power Girl review: http://slugladyssketchlog.blogspot.ca...
Title card, Ramble, SlugLady character and SlugLady images in this video (c) 2013 Tegan Dumpleton
Music by Carol Melina and Crimson Ensemble
Record Scratch © 2005 Luffy http://www.freesound.org/people/luffy/
Menu Click-Sparkle © 2012 Varazuvi™ http://www.varazuvi.com/
Video done in fair use. I don't own any of the random images I found on Google.

Now here's some info regarding the sketch-log:

1. Yes, I will be continuing with videos. But not every post will be one. Infact, I'm going to start putting up very small posts regarding recent news, inbetween videos

2. There will no longer be a solid schedule for the sketch-log, at least not for a bit. I want to get the webcomic up and I have some other projects I'm working on. And, y'know, last couple weeks kinda taught me that I'm a little off my game. More then usual *cough*. So, there could be three little posts one week, 1 another week and a large article/video during another week. It's going to be very loose around here for a bit, but there will be stuff happening.

3. And speakin' of recent news:

Wonder Woman's first secondary title in 61 years:

And it's called Superman/Wonder Woman

With my amazing ninja skills, I was able to track down DC's 5 alternate titles for the book:

Alternate title 1: "Superman and Girlfriend"
Alternate title 2: "The Publicity Stunt That Will Never Die"
Alternate title 3: "Screw you, Lois Lane fans"
Alternate title 4: "Scew you Wonder Woman fans"
Alternate title 5: "Kingdom Come Did It Better"

Seeya, Peoples
Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28


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