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My Reaction to... Random Stuff

Lets get cynical!

What do you get when you cross a week of being nauseated, hacking and coughing, add a dash of Valentines day “I will be single forever” induced cynicism, eating WAY too much chocolate and add in a whole month of media and political stupidity?

You get another “My Reaction to” post!

Unlike the last few times where I give my reactions to one specific topic, this is going to be a bunch of little topics. Call it a preverbal spring cleaning of the most stupid stuff of things that made me slam my head against the table. Aaaand some things that gave me hope in humanity. instead of splitting it up into two separate articles, I decided just to do it all at once. Rip it off like a bandaid. Don’t expect everything to be intelligent talk. I have a lot of rage and fanism to get out. (Fanism. Is that even a word?) That said, Enjoy my pain!



In the Angry Corner:

Spider Death Threats

When this started, it took every bit of self control not to write about this instead of my League of One review.

So, one of the books to come out of the Marvel Now campaign is Superior Spiderman. In the final issues of Amazing spiderman, Doc Oc found a way to switch minds with Spiderman, and, at the end of the book, he not only gained all of perter parkers memories, along with his own, but the real Peter Parker dies in Doc Ock's body. Peter parker was dead, and the rein of Spider-Ock had begun. And no one in the marvel universe knew.

So what happens? What always happens, of course. Fans FLIPPED OUT! They didn’t just complained about Parker’s demise, Dan Slott was sent DEATH THREATS! DEATH. THREATS.

This is why we can’t have nice things!

Ignoring the fact that this is a fictional character, and therefore is not even close to qualify for death threats, it’s Peter Parker. He just had a new movie and another one is on the way. Marvel is not getting rid of one of their biggest cash cows. Popular super heroes never stay dead for long. And, not to mention HE’S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

I have done a LOT of complaining about bad writers, stupid editors and terrible artists, but it’s no wonder when companies won’t take our complaints into consideration, when certain fans keep pulling stunts like these.

And for those still upset about the ordeal, here is the final page of Superior spiderman issue 1:




Oh, DC, you still continue to be in my bad books. Whether it’s your hypocrisy, the continued sexist treatment of characters such as Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, the fact that Stephanie Brown is actually being called “toxic” and won’t even be allowed as an easter egg on a comic cover (I don’t even believe in conspiracy theories, but really?) or the fact that you just can’t stop making Batman the main character of every story who is always in the right, (like the new Injustice game seems to be becoming), and continuing to make characters darker, and fix things that aren’t broken, you still can’t decided what the heck you want to do with your company. Are you going to focus on movies? Are you going to focus on tv shows. Are you going to focus on comics that people like? Or, are you going to continue to try and bring in readers with very very stupid gimmicks that will prove to be utterly pointless.

That’s right. I’m talking about the WTF initiative!

WTF Initiative. It's a real thing? It's a real thing. If you haven’t heard about this yet, DC’s latest gimmick is a series of covers that show something super secret and spoilery on the back of the comic.

... I... I don’t even know how to respond to this. I mean, even if you go to the type of comic book store that puts the comic in envelops, which hide the image, the “super secret image” will be in the internet within moments of someone buying an issue, because people own cameras on their phones and a great deal of those people have internet on them too. And they are calling this WTF initiative. Seriously.

DC. Please. Please please please listen to me. STOP. THE GIMMICKS. People are making fun of you. And with good reason. This is a stilly name, and a silly way to sell comics. Next your going to bring back the Holo-foil covers and 3-D books

But this...this is dumb. I am seriously getting worried about you DC comics. Your starting to sound like every story I’ve heard about Marvel when they were going bankrupt. Gimmicky comics, less focus on good stories and outside merchandise such as TV and Movies.


The Lone ranger movie

Please please please please be good.


The Fridging Of Lois Lane

Ughhhh....I am going to need a serious break from DC after this. I’m also a little worried that I’m not one to talk about this issue , since I haven’t read the actual comic but... I’m not sure if I should. I DON’T want to give this thing money and I haven’t found a friend yet who’s buying the issue.

But I’m appalled that so few people are angry about this.

If you haven’t heard this yet (I hope that’s why more people aren’t angry), in the comic made for the Injustice game, Superman takes a very dark turn, like he has in various comics and alternate reality stories. So, how did they do it in this story?

The joker kills Jimmy Olsen, then using a mixture of kryptonite and fear gas, makes Superman believe that Lois Lane, is Doomsday. Superman takes Lois Lane up into space, killing her, and then finally realizes who she is. And then Joker blows up metropolis.

So, yes. Joker doesn’t just kill everyone Superman knows, he’s tricked into killing Lois Lane with his own hand, who currently in this story, is his wife. And, oh, one more thing---

Lois was also PREGNANT.

This is Woman in Refrigerators. No argument. I have seen stories where Superman has turned darker for a lot less, and, really, they could have just said, “it's an alternate reality where Superman and the others are evil”. Like, y’know, that one set of episodes from the Justice league TV series. Or the Crisis on Two Earths movie. But no, instead, they decided to torture Superman in every way possible, and not only have everyone Superman cares about killed, but have him murder Lois lane while they are in a strong relationship, and to top it off, involve an unborn child, when no such child needed to be written.

Woman in refrigerators is when a character is killed, tortured, etc, in a vicious way, so that thier significant other will have a reason to fight. The character’s pain and death becomes a plot device and nothing more. One day, I’m going to get into the difference between meaningful character death and
“fridging”, but not today.

Back on topic: even if you think that killing Lois was the only way to turn Superman evil, you can’t say that about the unborn child.

The child did not need to be written. It was expressly written so it could die in this moment. Even if you don’t think Lois’ death was a case of Woman in refrigerators, the child IS.

I’m disgusted and insulted. From what I hear, Lois lane is already being treated like a third rate character in the current superman stories, but this isn’t just bad story telling. It’s just wrong.

However, I’m not going to put all the blame on the writer,. He seems like a decent writer, and in his interview of the comic, he stated that when he was told to kill lois, he didn’t want to write this story. And made is clear to the artists that he didn’t want Superman to viciously beat her. So, I can at least be a little thankful that he tried to leave some dignity for Lois despite the disrespectful end.

Sexism and the constant and needless death of characters is constantly being brought up in DC and Marvel a lot lately. Many would argue that, this isn’t sexist. But it is needless. And appalling. And I can’t help but see hypocrisy when fans seem to be okay with this book, and dispute not being okay with so much else.


Avatar was not a ripoff.

It’s not a ripoff of Dancing with Wolves, or Titanic, or Pocahontas and especially not Ferngully. And while we’re at it, Hunger Games is not a ripoff of Battle royal, or the Running man or the Most Dangerous Game or even Theseus! If you want to complain about poor writing, or one dimensional characters, that’s fine. But if I hear one more time that Avatar is a ripoff of another movie, and that’s why I should hate it, I think. I’m going. To scream.

Avatar and Hunger Games contain stories that are passed down from generation to generation. The story of a person being introduced to a new culture, different from them own, and adapting to it, and the story of characters being hunted down and forced to battle one another. Unless they have scenes that are exactly like another movie or story, then it’s not a ripoff.

Though, I really could have done without the Navi sex scene. Just saying.


Movies in Jeopardy

The wonder woman pilot got moved to next season and the JLA movie apparently wont’ be made if Man of steel doesn’t do well. And it probably still won’t happen because no one wants to work on it. Yay.


Guns, Games, and Gamer Girls

So the US government are once more trying to look into connections between gun violence and video games. Despute that there have been multitude of studies on the subject. Despite that video games are probably only so gun toting in America because American culture puts so much emphasis on guns culture, instead of just worrying about actual gun laws and having law enforcement do their job. Words are being said about how games are worse then guns, with no actual proof behind them. As usual. And once more the world is groaning at how controlling and stupid the US government is being. Again.

I’m far more concerned how someone can have registered weapons in a state where that same weapon is illegal. Or why some Walmart sell guns. Or why US certain citizens are more appalled when someone tries to even bring up the idea of new gun laws.

Infact, I’m far more worried about how the gaming community treats women, then what it has to do with gun violence. Mainly because while the latter is of very little consequence and truth, the former is a very real, very disturbing fact. 


Calgary Comic Con

I probably won’t be going to the Calgary comic con, unless something changes. This isn’t really important. It’s just something that’s been annoying me.


Idiots and the Things They Say and Do

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Geek Girl argument going around. This argument is silly and is getting all the backlash it deserves.

Heard of the obscene list that James Gunn wrote about sexy comic woman, yet? The one that is openly homophobic, sexist and completely disgusting? He is also the same guy who’s directing Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m a little late to the party here. I know he apologized. Do I care? Uhhhh... 

Truth is, I’m still on the fence here. Here’s the argument going through my head right now: I want the Guardians of the Galaxy to succeed. BUT I was extremely offended by what he said. BUT it was written two years ago and he apologized. BUT, why was the article never deleted?! BUT. BUT. BUT!

But to be honest, I would prefer that Marvel got a new director for GotG. No matter how you swing it, this is just going to continue to be a dark shadow hanging over the film.

At least it’s not as bad as, well, this:

Superman is being written by Orson Scott Card: Writer of Enders Game and an openly outspoken homophobe against gay marriage, gay adoption! And a board member of the anti-gay group, National Organization for Marriage! And any money he makes from this job will probably go towards his protests. In other words, he IS A NOT NICE PERSON AND A BIGOT! And DC hired him anyway. This is such a bad idea, it should go unsaid! And yet we’re all saying it anyway, as loud as possible, and DC refuses to care!



Okay, I think I got that out of my system now.

In the Happy Corner:

Les Miserables

This movie was not perfect. It really really wasn’t. It’s cool that the singing was done on set, it’s cool that a whole new generation of people are now looking into the original play and soundtrack and the 5 gigantic volumes of books that made up the full story, and I cannot get “Look Down” out of my head. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it was sloppy in places, a little hard to follow in places, some of the singing and staging wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been if the singing was done before hand (no offence to the crew, who were awesome. I merely mean that not all theatre techniques work on film the same way), and the romance was more sudden then a golden age disney princess romance.

But despite all of that, I was upset when something bad happened to the characters, and like the little emotional woman I really am, I cried my eyes out during the last 20 minutes.

That, and there was something amazingly refreshing in this movie:

No predictable backstopping or stupidity. None. Zip. Zilch. Lately, every movie, comic and tv show I’ve been watching lately has had characters act like idiots, cliches or generally showed the worse in humanity, to the point where I expect it from anything coming out of Hollywood. Or comics. Or day time television.

I was constantly expecting a character to stab another in the back, that Eponine to get so jealous that she sets Cozette up for a fall, or for characters to just generally act like stuck-up morons to each other. But no. Almost everyone is generally good in this movie. Everyone wants to do what they believe in, and stay true to their beliefs until the end, even if it means death. And I liked that.


Lone Ranger Movie

Please please please please be good.

Okay, so I already mentioned this. Have to say, I’m still on the fence. Guys, I want a Western. A real western. And I want it to be successful.

I didn’t grow up with the lone ranger, I have no personal connection to him, and I can’t tell if they are messing too much with the source material. But I want this movie. And I want it to be good, even if they are obviously going for the wacky Pirates of the Caribbean feel.

Though, this image worries me


And... huh. The native american is actually being played by a native american. It's a little sad that that surprises me. But, hey, Johnny Depp is part native american. That’s... actually pretty cool. Do I wish that it could be some new actors? Yes, but I will take what I can get.



I’ve joined a D&D group. Once again, not actually that important. But I’m stoked anyway.


The Best of the Best

If there are one book from DC comics and one from Marvel that I can honestly say you must read, it would be these ones. Yes, There are plenty of great stories in both companies right now, but these ones are the ones that keep me smiling every month and would probably work with most people:

Wolverine and the X-men and Demon knights

These two, out of all the comics that I do love from the companies right now, are my absolute favourite. Wolverine and the x-men are not always cheery, but it’s always fun. The dialogue, the adventures. If you miss the days when the x-men were about teenagers growing up in the world, and not constantly being used as fodder, this is the book for you. Every character you get introduced to is entertaining and creative, and their problems, though usually on the super human scale, are relatable. Heck, even the teachers are relatable and interesting. And for once in a long time, we have a case of the adults not being treated as idiots in a story about kids. Instead, they are insecure about being put in a position of teaching and parently none of them have training in, and responible when the need arises. Kitty Pride makes a badass headmistress during her time in the comics, and Wolvering makes a terrible head master (which is far more hilarious then you’d think) The only thing that would make me love it even more, is if Laura, X-23, became one of the schools staff memebers or students (please make it happen!)

Demon knights on the other hand is extremely dark, but thanks to good writing, grand art and entertaining characters and funny dialogue now and again, it’s not a dark for dark sake. All the characters have a purpose and so do said dark things. I have been saying that Demon knights is one of the best of the New 52. These characters have all been rebooted, and rebooted well. Giving us interesting stories, while still being respectful to what they once were before the reboot. That, and we’ve been introduced to new characters that you want to read about.

Runners up is the New Hawkeye series (I love it, but I’ve only read two issues), and Batwoman (It tends to get a little two dark at times to be a pick-up-no-matter-what-you're-feeling type of story)


And speaking of Demon Knights...This scene.

Okay. That is pretty awesome. It’s still unclear whether his meaning is physical or mental, or in what way it is physical or mental, but that’s not something we really need to know. At first, I was surprised few people were taking about this, but in an interview with Paul Cornell, he said that he’s actually happy that there is a character like Ystin and it’s not a big deal. And you know what? That is pretty awesome too.


The 90s didn’t suck and soon you will know why. Hopefully.

So, over the last several years/decade, the 80s have made a comeback, especially in television. Older shows have been rebooted, given movies and franchises have been relanched. But despite growing up on 80s reruns, it doesn't change the fact that I grew up in the 90s and parts of 90s media, especially TV, was pretty awesome.

Well, slowly, I’m starting to see internet being taken once more in 90s media that once made up a lot of happy times in my childhood. A few small things, like shows from the 90s finally being rereleased on DVD and netflix. Though I’m still on the lookout for Buzz lightyear of star command and Mummies alive. Hopefully the good things of the 90s begin to make a full comeback. Not just on DVD, but maybe in live action movies. Gargoyles the movie, anyone? ...Maybe? ...Hopefully? *fingers crossed*


There might be a Portal and/or Half Life movie
I know it’s a big MIGHT. But let me be excited, danggit!



There are many times when I loose hope in the US government. This is not one of those times.

So, someone got together enough votes to send a petition to the US Government for the manufacturing of a Deathstar. The response is probably the most geekiest thing the US Government has ever done. One of their reasons to not build a deathstar?

Because it would be a bad idea to build something that could easily be destroyed by a single shot from “a one-man starship.”

Yes. Just yes.





Batwoman #17

I am very, very sad that J.H. Williams III is leaving Batwoman. But DANG, that ending. O_O

I was spoiled before I got my hands on the comic, but ow, did my jaw hurt when it hit the floor! And it just got better. Just. Just.


Way to go out with a bang, Williams. *claps*


As you can see, the things that I enjoyed, I didn’t talk nearly as much about. And that’s fine. Little thing keep you sane, people. Speaking of staying sane, I’m definatly taking a break from talking about DC comics for a bit.

Sigh. I feel better. And maybe in the next coming months, less stupid stuff will...




One day... one... day...

Seeya peoples!
SlugLady28 aka Tegan Dumpleton

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