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?DC vs Marvel?

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I take a look at the year back and what's to come in the future.

Hello everybody! Welcome back! Or if your new, just welcome! It’s been a long, extremely busy and eventful month for me but here’s the important stuff: It was my birthday! 


And this it’s been one year since the New 52 started, and since Super September/October month, two months where I picked apart comics, wonder woman, and the new 52, and when you could say I officially started taking this site much more seriously. Thanks to everyone whose come to the site and put up with my nerd-raging. And even if the schedule has been drasticly changed, I still do take this site very seriously. So what do I have planned for the anniversary?!

Uhh.... Eheheh...

Okay. So I don’t actually HAVE anything planned. Something is planned for the future, but I’ve been working on some other projects right now.

I was thinking of looking at DC's Zero issues or review Marvel Now next month but... I'm not really interested in them. I'll get into it in the post.

So, Instead, I’m just going to touch upon comics I've looked at, and my thoughts on the New 52 over a year and Marvel Now. Okay? Okay!


I will stand behind that I don't like the New 52 as a whole. It has proven to be an unnecessary, underwhelming and unplanned mess. A lot of stories didn’t get actual reboots, majority of changes made, especially to the new line, consisted of making characters "darker", which translated more to "grumpy with a chip on their shoulder for no good reason".

Or "Jerks".

 Change is good, but not when every character changes the same way, into the same type of character. On that note, I still think that Justice league is one of the weakest, most uninspired comics of the entire new 52. AND I’VE SEEN RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS!

Oh look, the JLA is fighting future members. Again. You'd think it was a right of passage to join or something.

And fans still don’t know what is going on in terms of continuity, making it harder to follow comics for not only us, but new readers too. (and according to George PĂ©rez, for creators as well)

Also, Green lantern in the Justice League series reminds me of a fanboy version of Fire brand from Battle for Bludhaven. That’s bad. 

Stop. Using. Words.

There is still major problems with sexism. I gave DC the benefit of the doubt last year on some things, but there are now even less female creators at DC, Stephanie is STILL not in the comics, despite EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF BATMAN’S LIFE SHOWING UP SO FAR and EVERY FAN out there crying for her return! She’s not even in an alternate universe comic. Or Batman Inc! Then there's THIS image:

Not even gonna touch this one.

And Amanda Waller is still a size 2.

And for those not in the know, she use to look like this:

Old comic cover but she looked like this like, 13 months ago

And yes, she is fighting Granny Goodness on Apocalypse while duel wielding a sword and a laser gun.


Batman still has more comics then everyone else. Wonder Woman has still not used the Lasso of Truth, FOR truth, in her own series! (YES I’M STILL BITTER!). a jerk. And DC has recently rubbed me the wrong way personally because they had the chance to do this:

Yes. This is REAL.

But decided not to. My guess is that they secretly don’t like money.


I'm reading more comics from DC then any other company right now.

Hypocrite, thy name is SlugLady.

As much as I hate some things that have come out the New 52, Old Star Western and Demon Knights are amazing and if you are not already reading it: “Why?” and “Go out and buy it now! No, I don’t care that you’re already in your pyjamas! GO!”

And I will say this: the reboot took balls. It is one of the BALLIEST things I’ve seen a comic company do. Sure, it was a giant mess for the most part, but we got some diamonds in the rough that just wouldn’t have been possible with the old continuity. (Unless they were like, elseworlds stories. Or an alternate universe. Or something else.)

That said, what about the zero issues?

Weeeell... like I said, I’m not interested in them. And the ones I have read actually haven’t cleared really anything up. It just gave us some extra story to read before we get back to the plot. I didn’t even get all the zero issues for the stories I’m currently reading because I only have a small comic budget and I wanted to try new things this month and pick of some trades. I did pick up Wonder Woman #0.... because it is pretty dang good. Even if it did confirm some of my arguments against the book, and even if I still think the rest of the stories are crap.

Daaaang, son--uh, I mean daughter-- I mean... nevermind. This joke is dead.

But from what I can tell, there isn’t any big thing in the horizon for DC. The stories are just going to continue and honestly? I like that. I may not like some of the stories, I may hate some of them with a fiery passion of the Dark Phoenix, but I hate gimmicks and I hate constant, huge event comics that just go one after another.


Maybe that's why I’m reading DC more the Marvel right now.


So, now it’s Marvels turn and---

I got nothin'.

Truth be told, outside of the movies, I haven’t been all that interested in Marvel in some time. I’m still reading Journey Into Mystery -- which is an awesome comic, on par with Demon Knights. And I’ve have had an on and off relationship with Wolverine and the X-men ... however, Journey Into Mystery is coming to an end, and Wolverine and the X-men has been greatly overshadowed by Avengers Vs X-men, which I have also been reading.

...It’s... okay.

Ya, I am not big on event comics. Especially ones that put all the other comic’s plots on hold until the event is over. There is no bigger turn off for me for me in a story then finding out that it’s part of an event and I have to read 2 or three other comics to understand what’s happening. Wolverine and the X-men, X-men Legacy--- if you’re reading these stories but don’t care about AVXM, you’re out of luck because that’s all you're going to get until the event is over with.

I’ve been reading Wolverine and the X-men, and it feels like the whole comic has been put on the sidelines purely for the event. There’s very little going on with the main characters of the book, just a few odd things put in once in a while. Suddenly, instead of being about x-kids growing up and learning their place in the world, like it’s been since the beginning of the story, it’s become a side story for AVXM. I didn’t want another X-men war story, thats why I started reading WatXM in the first place. But now it’s been more of one-shots dedicated specific characters. True, the creative team did a great job (Warbird's Issue is my favorite so far) and I’m not putting any blame on them.

The letters O. T. P. come to mind

But it’s obvious that the story can’t continue properly with the main plot until AVXM has finished.

Oh, and issue 15 was hilarious and the scene between Broo and Tony was awesome.

But the worst is when the main comic for the event doesn’t tell me the whole story in the MAIN LINE. And DC did this too, in Flashpoint. If your wondering why Superman suddenly showed up at the last minute of Flashpoint, you would have had to read his book to find out. Or be stuck with a huge plot hole.

The event Spider Island actually did a pretty good job, especially with another event going on simultaneously (add that to the list of things I hate about events). Most of the characters were integrated enough that I understood what was going on and only checked out other books because the appearance of the characters peeked my curiosity, not because I wanted to fill gaps in the story.

If your going to have an event that covers the entire comic universe, then you should make me WANT to read those other stories. I shouldn’t HAVE to.

So what do I think of AVXM? It’s... okay. I’m at least enjoying the book enough to keep reading, but it’s not the best x-men story I’ve read. Mostly I just want to see the outcome.

I do know that Jean Grey-- the real Jean grey-- along with the rest of the original students from the original X-men stories (Think First Class, peoples) are going to somehow come to our time and from what I’ve heard-- they aren’t going to like what they see.

And frankly... I LIKE this idea.

Stay with me now-- there are hundreds of X-men time travel stories, all ending the same way: the future sucks. Either humans win and it sucks or the mutants win and it sucks. Usually in an apocalypse type of way. But this time, we ARE the apocalyptic future! Mutants are endangered, hunted, majority of them are confining themselves to an island, completely separated from humans and some are currently the tyrannical dictators of the planet! Wolverine has a Black Ops team that KILLS enemies of mutants. THIS is the terrible future we see in almost every Xmen time travel story! The only thing we're missing is the mutant concentration camps! It blows my mind that things have gotten THAT BAD for the X-men!

And frankly, I hope Jean Grey gives Scott and Captain America a good psychic kick in the butt for both being such idiots.

You want to know what I want out of Marvel Now and AVXM?! I want X-men to no longer be treated as a completely separated part of the Marvel universe. Mutant problems should not be considered just mutant problems, especially when several X-men WORK FOR THE AVENGERS! It’s been a problem since before I got back into western comics several years ago, and it's an even worse problem today.

As for Marvel Now, the reboot that... isn’t a reboot? Uh... Okay, I had someone far more well versed in these things to explain it to me. He told me that DC will usually do hard reboots, where they will reboot their entire universe, while Marvel will usually do Soft reboots--- they’ll update their world and characters, introduce new comics, etc. And stories will get the chance to finish up, even after Marvel Now starts (so the ending shouldn't seem so last minute like a certain Wonder Woman comic I know)

And frankly, I have no idea what comics from the Marvel Now I’ll be looking at. Some of it depends on whether or not AVXM ends the way I think it will. 

Though there is one comic coming in a few months that has gotten my attention...

Marvel Hunger Games anyone? (Also, kudos for the Battle Royal cover)

And now to talk about the other thing.

New News News

I know that DC is doing this too lately, and I’m not happy about it either. Guys, for future reference:

THIS is news worthy to the world, because of what it means on both a social, political and maturity POV.

THIS is news worthy to fans only, because it’s purely fan related and only fans would understand what’s going on, because they read the books. Everyone else, thinks of justice friends clips and we get really insulting News broadcasts.

"Sexy New Sidekick", my ass

THIS isn’t newsworthy to anyone, because it happens once a year.

Hey, you know what would have been cool? If Prof’s death mimicked how he died when this whole thing began, during Messiah Complex.

Then instead of it being a somewhat meaningless death, which this totally is, it would have some symbolism to it at least.

Everything Else

Aside from web comics, I haven’t been looking too much into other companies. Manga is definitely an old love I'm getting reacquainted with, even if I haven’t been much into the new manga I've been seeing around lately. And I’ve been having an on and off look at some other stories. And I am adoring Saga and was crazy not to pick it up sooner.

Okay, so now It’s time to look at the comics I’ve been reading this year. This is just a generalization of the series' as a whole and not a review of the latest issues. Mostly. Neither does this include old books or books I've been checking out at the library or webcomics. Cause that list is too long.

What I’m reading

Journey Into Mystery-- Little Loki and his side kicks Thori the hell-hound, Ikol the evil bird and Leah the straight-faced BFF to the rescue! This book is hilarious!

AVXM- Get it with with already!

Wolverine and the X-men- all the young'ens are back in school! Including my favourite characters from New Mutants: Generations Lost. And Broo, Krakoa and Genesis continue to be hilarious.

Claymore- H.R. Gigar meets medieval styled Zenas... Read. It.

Saga- Weird, mature, creative characters, aliens and realistic parents. Yay!

Demon Knights-- Ahem: Etrigan has now taken Madame Xanadu, Al Jabr, the Shining Knight, the Horsewoman, Exoristos and Vandal Savage to hell. That is all.

Old Star Western- Continues to be an action packed, gory, funny buddy cop western.

Aquaman--- HEY! DC! You want my money? Make an “OTHERS” comic! Seriously.

Animal Man-- FINALLY hit the crossover between swamp thing! YAAAY!

Batwoman-- Great art, spooky story, and now guest staring Wonder Woman! *Crosses fingers* pleaseuselassooftruth-pleaseuselassooftruth-pleaseuselassooftruth*


What I dropped

Amazing Spider Man- was kinda sick of watching Spidey learn the same lesson over and over again. Guess I'm just weird.

Glory-- Good story, but as much as I liked the art, I just couldn’t get into it. Just wasn’t my taste.

Batgirl-- I still like Batgirl, but... the story just wasn’t for me. That and... I really couldn't ignore the big pink elephant in the room. *cough-ImissOracle-cough*

Super Girl-- I loved Super Girl, and will probably pick of the trade some other time, but there were other stories I wanted to read, and something had to be dropped. Sorry Super Girl.

Venom-- like Batgirl, not my kind of story, but still really good.

Stuff I... may... try *grits teeth*

Catwoman-- Heard it was better then it started. Might give it a try if I can stomach the first couple issues...

Wonder woman---.... why is this here? Don’t look at me, I didn't put this here... alright... I will TRY... reading the next trade...grumble

X-men Legacy-- I need a Rogue story. RoguexMagneto (RogNeto?) should disturb me. And yet it does not. Huh.

Captain Marvel-- Don't know why I haven't tried it sooner! Looks awesome and a step in the right direction for women in comics!

The Conclusion


As you might be able to tell from the large amount of Comics on my list-- past the gimmicks and events and... incredibly stupid stuff...One thing is for sure--none of that is going to stop me from enjoying comics.

None of it is going to stop me from dressing up in costumes at conventions, fan-girling over the latest movie, be inspired for my own art and stories, or going to the comic book store every week, bouncing in my step, to see what happens next.

And type about it on the internet later, like I'm important or something.

This was a good year, with lots to come in the future! So here's to another year of Nerdrage and Nerdity! 

Dang I love this song.


Okay, that’s it for now! Next month we’ll be looking at something for Halloween and---

What the--? Hey! HEY! STOP! LET ME GO!


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                \  \  |               |  /  /
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                   |                    |
            _    |                      |   _
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   O \ |       \                       /       | / O
  O _   /\   _______________  /\    _ O
O     /                                         \      O
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