Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NaNoWriMo Challenge! (November News!

Hey guys! So guess what? November is National Novel Writing Month! If you haven't heard about it, it's a writing prompt challenge where you much write a whole novel (50000 words) in one month, from scratch. And I'm planning to join in this time.

But I'm going to be a bit flexible with the rules. I'm currently working on my webcomic, which will consist of mostly short stories, not one novel. I'll also be counting in everything else I write from scratch this month, including sketch-log, fanfiction, writing prompts, etc.

I'm also trying to get more serious with my art. I want to get a job in the art field. And as much as I love working on the Sketchlog, I suddenly have less time, and I really want to work on this webcomic and start drawing some bigger pieces. Hopefully, after the christmas rush is dealt with, I’ll be able to find a balance between my art and articles.

Course, you'll all just have to take my word on how close I get to that 50 000 words, since what I'm writing for the web comics mostly be scripts and outlines. I won't be able to show you guys anything, outside of teasers, sketches and a few scribbles.

So this is my goal: To write as many of my short stories as possible, and get to that 50 000 words. And since it is a webcomic, I'm going to post at least one teaser sketch/doodle/napkin scribble twice a week. I want to do more, but y’know, tis the season!

And posting things it will get me to come out from under my rock, uh, I mean, writing desk, now and again to rejoin humanity.

So I will be focusing a lot on Art Slug and DA (Bout time too!). There is only one article i have planned for the Sketch-Log: My October Comic's Corner.

And for those not that are unfamilar with my older, older, oldest work, I will also be posting the rewritten version of my fanfiction.

Stop laughing.

I like fanfiction. It’s something I enjoy, it’s a hobby, the the first person who teases me because of it will be slapped in the face with a desktop computer. I am definatly going to address the topic of “fanfiction is bad” thing, but for now, let me put it this way: It's a pastime I enjoy, and one of my "nerd weaknesses". Some people will be every Sonic Screw Driver ever manufactured, some people will make memes. At their core, there's nothing wrong with either.

It's gonna be an "interesting" month so wish me luck!

Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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