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SS/OM: All New Wonder Woman Review Part 3: The Morrigan

"What the?" and "I don't even"...

When we last saw All New Diana, she her timeline had been screwed with, turning her into a  had just fought the Dark Man, the one who lead an invading army through Themyscira, leading to the death of her mother. And with the help of said mother, Diana defeated the dark man, and retrieved the golden Lasso. And she’d discovered she could fly.

The next issue starts with Diana returning home and--- whoa whoa whoa! Where did these amazon’s come from? I’m not kidding, these aren’t the ones Diana saved earlier! I... think... Um, where did they go again? Never mind.

Apparently these Amazons have always been there. What happened to the cloaked figures? And... Diana now has a talking black cat? Um, Did I miss an issue? And why do I suddenly feel like I’m on the set for Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Okay, so it takes a bit to piece it all together, but apparently, Diana wasn’t raised by the cloaked figures in the sewers, like I originally thought. She was raised by her Amazonian sisters in several safe houses all over the world. Now she lives in what looks like the Themiscyrian embassy from the last universe. Even has the talking lion statues. 

I approve :)

The talking cat is actually Galenthias, an amazonian priestess of the goddess Hecate, who turned herself into a cat to. As far as I know, she never existed before this comic. But every story needs a pet sidekick right? Right? We also meet Adrastelia, who is guarding the entrance, also, didn’t exist before this comic and...

*Fangirl scream*

Eeeeeeh! It’s Philippus!

Shuush. I like the character. And I'm sure there won’t be any other awesome guest appearances in this series that will make me squeal.

Oh and apparently, Diana likes to listen to loud... punk(?) music. Actually, it’s a clever ploy to make everyone think she’s fast asleep, while she sneaks out the window.

The scene switches and the true enemies of the series is revealed: The Morrigan. And wow this reveal is anti climatic.

We get a few uninteresting poses as they stand in front of a battle scene in the congo, (though them talking about the deaths of children are a little unnerving), a few more uninteresting scenes in their headquarters and then some exposition. And... apparently the Dark Man’s name was Lucius. I think. Holy invisible jet, this issue is just burning question marks into my retinas...

Anyway, the Morrigan is the goddess of war made up by a trinity of goddess, Anann, Bellona and Enyo. They “feed on the horror of war” and “grow fat on the blood of the innocent dead”. However, Enyo was killed some time ago, leaving the trinity incomplete and weakened. They return from the congo to their headquarters, where several magical objects, including the severed head of medusa, and the two stoned humans (make your own joke), are waiting. Sick of the failures of mortal humans, Anann transforms the two men into new servants: Cernuinnos and the Minotaur. They order the two new hunters to destroy Diana “In body and in spirit”

While Diana is out, some of the other Amazon’s are investigating a destroyed amazon temple look-alike. They find a pit of skeletons and an alter with the Morrigan symbols. They discover dolls on the ground, dressed in different versions of a “garish” amazon outfit: an outfit that readers would recognize as Modern Age Wonder Woman costume. (“Garish” funny guys. Real funny.) A figure in the shadows steals one of the dolls and leaves.

Now we get another flashback of Diana’s childhood, this time at one of the refugee camps she grew up in. When Diana found injustice, weather is was a child being beaten, saving a prostitute from a pimp, or a village from a army, Diana always “went to war against it”, even if her sisters wanted her to hide.

Right now, Diana is warring in another way. She’s pawning a Themiscyrian artifact, and then takes the money it to a single mother Brianna and her son . Diana had save them while back from a man name Greg, and helps them out now and again. Harry gives Diana a drawing he made of her: one with Diana wearing a very familiar costume.

Okay, comic, you can stop teasing us now. I kid, but this is one of my favourite scenes in the whole comic. We get to see Diana acting like the Diana I love: Helping with her heart and brain and not just her fists.

Philippus suddenly shows up at the window, and tells Diana that they must leave. But before they can, Cernuinnos and several soldiers show up and a battle begins. While this is happening, the Minotaur kidnaps Henry. The man from the temple sneaks into the apartment and draws a symbol of the Morrigan on the wall.

Philippus is eventually killed by the centaur, in a horribly bloody and graphic scene. And Diana, enraged again, kills him. She rejoins the other amazons, who recognize the symbol in the apartment as the Morrigan's. Diana decides to go to the temple, but not before promising to Brianna that she will rescue Henry.

We switch to the Morrigan’s headquarters, where the Morrigan finally reveal their plan. The attack on Themyscira and the amazon’s, chasing Diana across the planet; it has all been a ploy to darken Diana with hatred and vengeance, in order to turn her into there new sister, and complete their trinity. (We also get to meet there servant/slave, Ajax. I like Ajax. You will see why later.

Now they begin there next phase: They resurrect new servants to kill Diana: three resurrected amazon’s that died on Themyscira: Giganta, Cheetah, and Artemis.

Attack of the Cameos!


... Okay, that was pretty awesome. Also kinda a mind screw. But an awesome mind-screw.

Aaaanyway, the Morrigan “gift” the three with the sprits of vengeance, jealously and unceasing. The three amazons’ believing that Diana and the rest of there sisters abandoned them to die, begin their hunt. They reach the safe house, and begin killing each of the amazons.

The amazon’s take Diana to the ruined temple, where the dolls are. During a vicious battle with some undead soldiers, we can see that Diana is becoming more and more enveloped in rage after Philippus’ death.

... I suggest some warm milk. And anger management therapy.

They head down a secret path, into the sewers, and find a mural with an amazon wearing the same outfit Diana saw in Henry’s picture.

My gosh, this comic drops costume teasers more then Smallvile.

Diana and the amazons discover the Minotaur and rescue henry. Catching him in the lasso’s noose, he is forced by the lasso to tell Diana the Morrigan’s plan: They want Diana to become a vengeful killer so she can become their third sister. He is just a distraction. As they speak, the rest of the Amazon’s are under attack.

But the Minotaur, unable to bare what he has become, uses the golden lasso to hang himself. Diana can see that the true soul of the man is still trapped in the dead Minotaur's body. Diana is tempted to destroy his soul by the amazons with her but decides not to, deciding that if she was her mother, she would have shown mercy. Diana uses the golden lasso’s power to free the man’s soul. Diana decides that despite all the anger within her, she can control it and be a more loving person.

Diana and the other amazon’s return, only to find the embassy in ruins. Diana is forced to watch as the rest of the amazons around her are killed by Giganta, Cheeta and Artemis, before the three resurrected amazon’s begin to take there anger out on her. Diana is eventually trapped in an alley, and is given a few words form the cloaked figures. They warn her that the three resurrected amazon’s are not in control of themselves. Then disappear.

The Morrigan start heading towards Diana’s location when the spirit of there dead sister Enyo, appears and warns them not to go, and that Diana is too powerful to become their third.

The battle between the amazon’s continue, until Diana is finally knocked unconscious. The resurrected amazons prepare to end Diana’s life, when the shadowed man from earlier appears. He hypnotizes the three amazons and sends them away.

The man calls Diana his “Wonder Woman” and is revealed to be the famous Wonder Woman nemesis, Dr. Psycho.

End of part 3


Okay, I did say this was going to be in 3 parts. But... I have been on an off sick for a while and this part would have been soooo much more longer if i didn't. Anyway, in a couple of days will be the final part

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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