Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiatus is over! And Schedule news!

Okay I promise this will be the last image i reuse... for a while

Hey everyone! Yes, the Hiatus is over. Life is a little more under control, and i can finally get back to doing what I want-- write and draw!

So heres my plan:

I got one article to post to day and then... I'm going camping. What? Stop looking at me like that! The trip has been planned for several weeks now and them my parents decided to go on Wed, not Thurs.

BUT, before the end of the month, I'm going to post all my articles regarding the DC Reboot (before the whole thing starts). This includes my Convention report about the Calgary Comic Con, my thoughts on the whole thing, and what issues i will be buying.

The last issue All New Wonder Woman is out today, so I've i can get over to the comic book store (or download a digital copy) I will, and will be working on it over the camping trip. If not, it'll take a little longer to write. I also promised some time back that I was going to touch upon the controversy that the comic brought on. That should be out some time after instead of before. I won't just be touching upon the comic now, but also the cancelled TV series, and the reboot version of her.

I also have a few other things on the way, but I'm keeping the schedule as flexible as possible right now.

New regarding everything: I'm updating both Art Slug and my DA page again. Fanart and Fanfiction will be coming back soon. I'm also working on my own webcomic now, but I'm not announcing what it is just yet.

Oh, and I bought Minecraft.

And it is awesome.

 Tegan Dumpleton aka SlugLady28

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