(currently out of date and under construction, sorry)

Who are you?

SlugLady aka SlugLady28 aka Tegan Dumpleton, and in a past life, NekoGal28. A Canadian girl, feminist,  and graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design with an Illustration Degree.

Whats going on with the site?!
I'm in the middle of reconstructing the sketch log and my other sites. During this, it's going to be hard to find most of my posts. However, you can still find reviews and updates under the Calendar

What is this?

A blog where I talk about my daily life, things in the news, review things I’ve watched/read/played and other miscellaneous ramblings, all accompanied by a few drawings and doodles. Many involving me either being scared out of my antenna-ed mind, getting beaten to a bloody pulp, or going on a rampage as I tear through the latest unholy “masterpiece” of mainstream media *cough-LastAirbender-cough*.

How often do you update?

I want to update as frequently as possible, but at the moment, I don't have enough free time to put something out everyday.

Can I comment here?

Yes! Anyone can comment on my Blogspot sites, even if they don’t have a username on Blogspot.

What is this site rated?

Teen- Mature Rated due to swearing, the occasional obscene joke and mature topics. A lot of the things I review or talk about involve violence, sextual themes, and dark themes. If I'm talking about something with more adult content, it'll be marked Mature Rating

I can’t see your pictures!

If you can’t see the images, and you are sure it’s not because of your internet or internet provider, please let me know right away so I can fix it.

Is this your only art site?

Nope. My portfolio site is here: Art Slug And my other art site is here (complete with fanart): DeviantArt

Does your antennae have a mind of it’s own?

... Let me get back to you on that.