Saturday, February 12, 2011

No posts due to T-Virus, but at least it'll be safe to drink the water again

Huh. Taken out of context, you'd have no idea the title was talking about two unrelated things. Oh, well.

Anyway, THIS is me last week:

Current Mood: Zombiefied

As you can see, it was a very homework heavy week. But I got about 20 hours of sleep so I'll be get back on schedule tomorrow with new stuff on my sites.

Also, a few weeks ago, i mentioned how Calgary is one of those cities that puts fluoride in the water, how stupid it is, and how the council was going to debate it again. You can read my reasons as to why fluoride in a water supply is stupid right here: DA journal: Don't drink the water. In Calgary.

But now the results are in...

Fluoride lost 10-3.

Yay! It'll take a while for it to go into effect and the city needs to change it's water plans, but I'm happy. Now all I have to do is get Edmonton to do the same thing.

It's so beautiful....

And lets just hope that people don't flip out and force the council to vote on it again in another ten years...

Seeya peoples,
 SlugLady28 aka Tegan Dumpleton

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